Sand. Ash. What’s the difference?


We miss our Auntie Kelly. We had a ton of fun with her while she was home.  Before she left we visited a park and played for an hour. It was a great hour. The kids had a blast chasing their Auntie around the playground and playing in the sand. Here they are attempting to build a sandcastle without water. It didn’t go so well so they decided to spit in the sand to help. That didn’t go so well either but it certainly was fun! Did I mention yet that we miss her?


Odin didn’t nap today and was being a stinker towards his sister. After he pulled out some of Lilly’s hair because she wouldn’t give him the brown colored pencil she was using. I sent him outside with the dog so we could have a quick reprieve. The next thing I knew Odin was playing with the ashes from the grill and was filthy. So I let him continue to play. He was happy. We were happy. I just had to wash him when he came inside. Boys certainly know how to get dirty!


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