Gosh, what a crazy three weeks it’s been. With the birth of our daughter and the passing of my dad it’s been a very busy and emotional time. This past weekend was especially nuts with the memorial service for my dad on Friday, the wedding of one of my best friends on Saturday and wedding dress shopping for my sister on Sunday. I’m exhausted all over again just thinking about it. And as I think about it all, I have to say that the congratulations and condolences that my family and I have received from family and friends is amazing. We are truly blessed to have so many incredible people in our lives who have helped get us through the past three weeks. Dinners were delivered, gifts were given, calls were made, cards were written, prayers were made, supportive thoughts were thought and chores were done all to help out and I am thankful for it and humbled by it all.

Now it’s time that things return to normal, though I’m not sure what normal entails anymore now that I have four chickens, three children, two canines, one husband and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, so I don’t have a partridge or a pear tree but that’s probably for the best. I just couldn’t help myself.  (As I sit on the couch and type with Ela laying on my chest filling her diaper I realize my ‘normal’ definitely includes wiping poopy butts on a regular basis and I’m okay with that. It’s usually easy and void of any strong emotions, both of which appeal to me at the moment.)

Today was a tough day with the kiddos. They no longer have any number of family friends and relatives around to cater to their every desire and distract themselves from each other.

Cue the obnoxious behavior.

All day long Odin was antagonizing Lilly. He’s two and had shit else to do so of course he was all up in his sisters business. Lilly was not a fan of her brother’s attention and saw fit to whine about everything:  the way he touched her things, the way he sat next to her, the way he stole what she was playing with, the way he read a book, the way he breathed etc… As it turns out, it’s exhausting being such a whiny punk all day and Lilly passed out on the couch after dinner around 5:45. WIN! Then I put Odin to bed by 6:30 because after a day full of child mediating I had a headache and was done. (Although the headache was most likely from the kids, it also could have been from the 20 or so chocolate chip cookies I ate as a way of coping with their antics.)


Tomorrow will be a better day. We’ll find a groove that works for everyone soon enough. Until then, I am going to continue noting the truly awesome moments of my day. I’m not being sarcastic here. By truly awesome, I mean the little moments where Odin and Lilly do or say something that makes me smile/laugh/cry. I’ll share them with you.

Yesterday’s moment:

The kids and I were waiting in the car as my mom and sister hugged goodbye. My sis lives in Colorado now and went back yesterday night. My mom was crying and my sister was crying too. Hell, so was I. We hate it when Kelly leaves! Anyways, Lilly was watching them hug it out and cry. She looks at me and says, “They really love each other,” with more emotion and understanding in her voice than I ever imagined a four year old could possess. She constantly amazes me. All I could say as I teared up was, “Yes, they really do.”

Today’s moment:

I was driving Lilly home from preschool and we were talking about how Odin was hanging out with Aunt Kathryn and Cousin Fiver at our house. They moved in down the street in our neighborhood this past weekend and I was telling Lilly how I had yet to make a visit to their house due to everything else that had gone on this weekend. I asked her if she knew the color of her Aunt’s house and she said, “It’s white, mom,” very matter-of-factually. I then asked her what color our house is. She replied, “Ish,” and gave me a silly look. “Ish?” I asked, to which she responded, “Yeah, ish-brown.” I started laughing out loud and then said, “You mean brown-ish.” “Yup,” she giggled.

On that note, it’s bed time because my brain no longer works and I want to be refreshed for the kids in the morning.

(Cue Ela waking up! Damn it!)



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