Name That Chicken


So what do you do when you have four new chickens? You name them, duh! And that’s just what we did last night. But it was much more involved than simply coming up with names. And so the story goes:

While simultaneously nursing Ela and serving Lil and O their dinner I received a phone call from Cullen. He explainede to me that I needed to assemble about 10 pieces of paper, some colored pencils and a bucket of some sort. Of course I inquired as to why I need to collect these materials and was told that we were going to have a name drawing and he had invited some of the neighborhood kids to come participate. He is my social coordinator though his plans are usually of a spontaneous nature.

I figured that sounded like a cool way to spend our Friday night and so I huang up on him, finished feeding the kiddos, cleared some clutter and collected the materials. When Cullen came home he lit a fire, picked up some dog poop from the yard and then the neighbors started to show.

Cullen had a few rules for the chicken naming. Or really just one. The names had to be goofy, not something you would name your dog. The kids didn’t pay much attention to this rule. They are kids, ya know, and who makes rules about naming chickens anyway?

The kids were eager to write down their name choice and put their paper in the mug. Then Cullen made the kids run around and do other goofy things for a chance to draw a name from the mug. Whose ever name it was got to pick which chicken that name belonged to. It was an involved process that resulted in a lot of giggling.

Anyways, eventually all four chickens had their names and all the kids ran around the yard being crazy as the adults socialized.

Here are the names we ended up with:

The Bard Rock on the left is Pluto and the one on the right is Grace. We can tell them apart only by trying to pet them. Grace is much more tame than Pluto though as they acclimate to people and dogs I’m not so sure how we’ll tell them apart. Honestly, I’m not so sure I can tell them apart even now.

These are the Arcanas. The blacker one in the back is named Booger and the browner one in the front is named Chicken Pox. Luckily these two chickens are easier to tell apart.

So there you have it. Four new chickens with four new names; Pluto, Grace, Booger and Chicken Pox. It was a lot of fun for a spontaneous naming party. Leave it to my husband to rally the neighbors to participate in his antics.



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