Mr. Green Thumb


My husband is addicted to buying plants. Over the course of the past few months he’s been the motivating force behind our gardening and other landscaping activities. He’ll go to Home Depot, Walmart or other various locations where they happen to have plants/flowers/veggies growing and come home with something new. Just the other day he brought home celery plants. I don’t think we have any more room in our garden but we’ll figure out where to put it. I’m glad he loves all this stuff because if it were left to me nothing would get done around the outside of our home.

Yesterday, as Ela and I were leaving the nail salon after my mani/pedi, Cullen called and told me he was at the local nursery down the street from our house. He wanted to put some plants in around our pool deck so I drove and met him and the kid to pick out some stuff.

Daddy rolled our monkeys into the greenhouse

where Lilly stopped to smell the flowers

as her brother went splashing through puddles.

Then the lady working gave Lil a big, beautiful flower that stayed behind her ear for about 30 seconds before we gave it to Ela.

And now, as I type and there is a torrential downpour, my husband is outside finishing planting the four extra plants he needed and just returned home with to fill out the pool space. At least he’s a good girl and got the lawn mowed first!

Happy Sunday!


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