Down home on the farm


Okay, so we don’t really live on a farm. I just sort of feel like we do because today Cullen and the kids brought the chickens home!

This is the lovely chicken tractor that Cullen built. We have 4 chickens total; 2 Arcanas and 2 Bard Rock. Every day we move it 10 or so feet. The chickens fertilize our lawn and in the fall they will start laying eggs. Lilly is in charge of watering them twice a day (I see a watering chart in my future.)


There have been a lot of other things going on around our home with Daddy taking the week off and friends and family coming to visit.

Here are some pics of the fun we’ve been having:

“There’s a snake in my boot!”  Name that movie.

No, the snake wasn’t really in his boot but he did get a kick out of holding the snake. I witnessed this from inside the house. The picture is compliments of Odin’s daddy. My boy certainly isn’t afraid of bugs and snakes and all the creepy crawly animals around our place.


The kids have a new playhouse. The story goes that Eleanor asked Grandma Maggie to get Odin and Lilly a little present because they are such great siblings. This is what they ended up with. It’s got a doorbell! And flower pots! And two little people inside that I absolutely adore.


My girls! I hope so much that they will be good buddies. So far it seems they’re off to a good start.


We’ve had a lot of wonderful friends and family visit us these past few days. This is Ben. Come October he’ll be a new daddy. I all but threw Ela into his arms and told him to get comfy. He’s a natural.


And this is Paisley, Ben and Tracey’s puppy. Lil and O had a great time tonight torturing her. Isn’t she adorable?


The kids have been having fun with my camera. It may be foolish of me to let them handle it, especially over the pavement, but then I come across a pic like this one that Odin took of Lilly and I’m blown away.


Look at these goofballs. It was a hot night tonight and the dogs jumped in so the kids thought they should at least dunk their heads. They had a blast and we were all amused. Puppies and kids never cease to entertain.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pics and the glimpse into our day. Time for some shut eye though Ela has been sleeping all day long which means as soon as I lay my head down she’ll be up and ready to play. All. Night. Long.

Good times!



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