Glowing, glowing, gone…


“You’re glowing!” It’s that cheesy line that people tell you while you’re pregnant or just after you’ve popped out the baby. And though it may be cheesy it is A) nice to hear and B) usually true. And truth be told, I felt “glowing” after having Eleanor. Labor was, dare I say, easy and in a short 28 hours we left the hospital and were back home, a new family of 5.

Fast forward a few days and the post-pregnancy grind has set in and the glow I was feeling has diminished. In its place is a bunch of awesomeness making me feel like a champion. Did you pick up on that sarcasm?

I’ll outline the “awesomeness” for you.

For starters, my hair is falling out. I showered this morning and I ended up with a huge wad that I shook off into the corner of the shower stall. Now that I think of it, I’d better pick it up before hubby takes a shower or I’ll never hear the end of it.

Another great side effect of having a kid and nursing is sore and leaky boobs.  There’s nothing better than feeding your infant on one side as the other is freely dumping its contents into your bra. I guess it’s time to start wearing the pads to soak up the leakage. Post-pregnancy life is glamorous, isn’t it? On a positive note, it’s kinda nice having boobs again.

What isn’t nice is the Jelly belly. Yes, I know, 9 months on and 9 months off. It’s not my first time around this block. I’m just saying that it feels weird and a bit sore having a belly with nothing in it.

And then there are the hormones that are regulating themselves. Add sleep deprivation to that and you have a recipe for a new mama who is quick to lash out on occasion and then immediately bursts into tears because she didn’t mean to freak out. This has only happened twice so far. I’m doing good, I think.

Oh yeah, we can’t forget the general soreness that comes from giving birth to a small watermelon. Pain meds are helpful but I stopped taking them as of yesterday because they make me feel like I can do more than I should. I need the pain to remind myself that I should sit my ass on the couch or lie down in bed. Doing the dishes, laundry etc. yesterday was a bit overkill.

So there you have it. The hair falling out, the leaky boobs, the jelly belly, the hormones, the sleep deprivation and the soreness are to blame for the diminished glow.

Gosh, what a positive post. Who wants to get pregnant? I hope I didn’t just scare any first-time pregnant people. Although these are things that you’re better off knowing about so you can mentally prepare for it. It’s inevitable after all.

And despite all these seemingly negative things about post-child birth, there are also so many little happy moments that make it all okay.

Like, for instance, the little smiles I get from Ela after she’s done nursing and all is right in her world. Or the way her sister and brother constantly dote on her, giving her sticky kisses on her head and petting her like a puppy. And then there is the protective behavior our dog, Dragon, is exhibiting towards Ela like his drive-by licky kisses and how he lays down next to her side of the bed/couch/bassinet. All these little things mean so much and help make things less overwhelming.

So now, as I have Ela passed out on my lap, the dogs laying at my feet and a quiet house, I think I’ll give my fingers a rest and enjoy this moment, however stinky and glowless I may perceive myself to be!

Love much (as Odin says)


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