Remembering things forgotten


I seem to have forgotten a few things since the last time I had an infant.

The most important of these things is that babies poop, a shit-ton. (pun intended, obviously.) I swear I’ve changed Eleanor like 15 times today. All the changings were necessary since there were varying amounts of poop in the diaper though I think at least half were due to sharts instead of real, honest to goodness poops. Let’s just say I think she’s got my digestive track. Poor girl.

Another thing I forgot was just how disgusting it is to change a toddler’s poopy diaper after a few days of changing an infant’s poopy diaper. On the flip side, it’s certainly got me eager to start potty training O and I didn’t think I’d ever be eager to potty train another child after Lilly.

Another fact I was rudely reminded of today is that babies pee and poop whenever they feel like it. No matter if their Mama is in the middle of taking naked, post-bath pictures. This may have happened this morning. On my bed.

Let’s bring this conversation away from poop, shall we?

Squeaky, that’s what infants are and it’s also something I forgot. Ela makes the most entertaining noises. Most are of the squeaky variety. I’m slowly recalling that Odin used to sound like a Velociraptor. His sister is not channeling a dinosaur but rather more dainty, mouse-like creatures.

Anyways, my baby is sleeping and I am not. That means I’m an idiot. Especially since I have a head and chest cold that flared up again post childbirth. Good times. I just wanted to connect with you all though my mind is a bit cloudy making this whole typing thing a bit taxing.

I’ll leave you tonight with a few pics of our expanded family.









Lilly is loving having a little sister though we’ve noticed she is very sensitive lately. It’s not easy being excited and a little jealous all at the same time.









And as for Odin, he’s just stoked to have his Daddy around all week. Next week is going to suck when he goes through Daddy withdrawal and I have to get three kids out the door by 8am for preschool. Don’t worry, I’ll lament about all that as it occurs.

G’night Y’all!







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