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Maxing out the tire swing


This weekend my husband instigated some poolside shenanigans with a few of the neighbors. Then he piled the kids into the tire swing and all we heard was giggling and shrieking for the next five minutes as they swung to and fro. I held my breath hoping the rope would hold.

The kids were happy (obviously) and the rope held so I was happy. We love summer time!



Lessons Learned from Rolling Down a Hill


We visited a new park today with a few other moms and had a lot of fun. Typically the moms chat and the kids play. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours.

The park we went to had a very large hill. The kids had a blast rolling down it though they haven’t really mastered the art of hill rolling if you ask me.

They scrunch up their little bodies making it very difficult to roll properly.

Lilly sort of got it down but only was able to complete one or two rolls before she had to stop to straighten herself out. Odin simply resorted to scooching down the hill on his butt (I’m gonna have to Spray ‘n Wash those pants!)

After tackling the hill on their own, Lilly came and grabbed my hand and asked me to roll with her. I thought about making up some excuse about how I couldn’t roll or something but decided instead that I’d better just show her how a pro does it. After all, I was the hill rolling champion in middle school.

Okay, I’m lying but it sounded good. Didn’t it?!

Anyways, after trekking to the top of the hill I laid down in a nice streamline style and proceeded to roll down the hill.

When I got to the bottom I sat, as my vision returned to me, and realized a few things:

1. I get dizzy much more easily than I use to and fear that I am now a wuss. I wonder how I would hold up at Great America? It’s been so long since I’ve rode a roller coaster (I probably can’t count the kiddie dragon coaster at the fair, can I?)

2. Rolling down a hill when nursing (especially when you haven’t nursed in a few hours) hurts like hell.

3. My kids partake in observational learning, just not when it’s their mom that’s trying to teach them something.

4. It’s fun to act like a kid sometimes.

What’s the last fun thing you let yourself get talked into doing? Share with me. I’d love to hear about it!



Sneaky Strawberry Snatchers


We have strawberries! Or rather, we HAD strawberries. They’re just little ones but they are delicious.

Last night I noticed there were a few that looked just about ripe but got distracted with one thing or another and didn’t pick them. After dinner Lilly and Odin went outside. Lilly came inside and tattled on her brother saying he was messing with the strawberry plant. I thought he’d torn the plants out or something so I ran right out. When I got there and noticed the strawberries were missing I asked Odin what had happened to them and he replied, “I ate them.” So you did little man, so you did. And then he rubbed his little tummy and said, “Nummy!!” Lilly noticed I was laughing and said, “I ate one too!” What a stink pot! She tattled on her brother but was a sneaky strawberry snatcher too. I was a bit bummed they didn’t share with me but I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m going to have to be on the ball if I’m going to get another strawberry this season!

The beginning of a long, hot summer


Lilly’s last day of preschool was yesterday! She’s super excited about having the summer off and I am too. Will we ever get out of our pajamas before 10am? Not unless it’s to get into our swim suits!

The pic on the left is her first day.  The pic on the right is her last day.

Yesterday was also Coach and Fiver’s birthday. I LOVE these guys!

I attempted to make a cake for their birthday dinner celebration last night. It didn’t go over so well…

Yup, that’s 4 cups of milk that I spilled all over my counter and floor because I’m awesome like that. Needless to say, the first cake I planned didn’t get made. And then the second cake I attempted stuck to the pans so it was an overall baking fail. Four weeks off of baking and suddenly I’m an amateur in the kitchen. But despite my fails there was cake to consume (good work Kathryn and Maggie!) and as you can see from Fiver, forks were optional!

And after the sugary goodness was consumed, the antics began. Well, I suppose the antics just continued because with this lot the antics never really stop! Lilly looks charming in her Grandpa’s glasses, doesn’t she?



Sand. Ash. What’s the difference?


We miss our Auntie Kelly. We had a ton of fun with her while she was home.  Before she left we visited a park and played for an hour. It was a great hour. The kids had a blast chasing their Auntie around the playground and playing in the sand. Here they are attempting to build a sandcastle without water. It didn’t go so well so they decided to spit in the sand to help. That didn’t go so well either but it certainly was fun! Did I mention yet that we miss her?


Odin didn’t nap today and was being a stinker towards his sister. After he pulled out some of Lilly’s hair because she wouldn’t give him the brown colored pencil she was using. I sent him outside with the dog so we could have a quick reprieve. The next thing I knew Odin was playing with the ashes from the grill and was filthy. So I let him continue to play. He was happy. We were happy. I just had to wash him when he came inside. Boys certainly know how to get dirty!



Gosh, what a crazy three weeks it’s been. With the birth of our daughter and the passing of my dad it’s been a very busy and emotional time. This past weekend was especially nuts with the memorial service for my dad on Friday, the wedding of one of my best friends on Saturday and wedding dress shopping for my sister on Sunday. I’m exhausted all over again just thinking about it. And as I think about it all, I have to say that the congratulations and condolences that my family and I have received from family and friends is amazing. We are truly blessed to have so many incredible people in our lives who have helped get us through the past three weeks. Dinners were delivered, gifts were given, calls were made, cards were written, prayers were made, supportive thoughts were thought and chores were done all to help out and I am thankful for it and humbled by it all.

Now it’s time that things return to normal, though I’m not sure what normal entails anymore now that I have four chickens, three children, two canines, one husband and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, so I don’t have a partridge or a pear tree but that’s probably for the best. I just couldn’t help myself.  (As I sit on the couch and type with Ela laying on my chest filling her diaper I realize my ‘normal’ definitely includes wiping poopy butts on a regular basis and I’m okay with that. It’s usually easy and void of any strong emotions, both of which appeal to me at the moment.)

Today was a tough day with the kiddos. They no longer have any number of family friends and relatives around to cater to their every desire and distract themselves from each other.

Cue the obnoxious behavior.

All day long Odin was antagonizing Lilly. He’s two and had shit else to do so of course he was all up in his sisters business. Lilly was not a fan of her brother’s attention and saw fit to whine about everything:  the way he touched her things, the way he sat next to her, the way he stole what she was playing with, the way he read a book, the way he breathed etc… As it turns out, it’s exhausting being such a whiny punk all day and Lilly passed out on the couch after dinner around 5:45. WIN! Then I put Odin to bed by 6:30 because after a day full of child mediating I had a headache and was done. (Although the headache was most likely from the kids, it also could have been from the 20 or so chocolate chip cookies I ate as a way of coping with their antics.)


Tomorrow will be a better day. We’ll find a groove that works for everyone soon enough. Until then, I am going to continue noting the truly awesome moments of my day. I’m not being sarcastic here. By truly awesome, I mean the little moments where Odin and Lilly do or say something that makes me smile/laugh/cry. I’ll share them with you.

Yesterday’s moment:

The kids and I were waiting in the car as my mom and sister hugged goodbye. My sis lives in Colorado now and went back yesterday night. My mom was crying and my sister was crying too. Hell, so was I. We hate it when Kelly leaves! Anyways, Lilly was watching them hug it out and cry. She looks at me and says, “They really love each other,” with more emotion and understanding in her voice than I ever imagined a four year old could possess. She constantly amazes me. All I could say as I teared up was, “Yes, they really do.”

Today’s moment:

I was driving Lilly home from preschool and we were talking about how Odin was hanging out with Aunt Kathryn and Cousin Fiver at our house. They moved in down the street in our neighborhood this past weekend and I was telling Lilly how I had yet to make a visit to their house due to everything else that had gone on this weekend. I asked her if she knew the color of her Aunt’s house and she said, “It’s white, mom,” very matter-of-factually. I then asked her what color our house is. She replied, “Ish,” and gave me a silly look. “Ish?” I asked, to which she responded, “Yeah, ish-brown.” I started laughing out loud and then said, “You mean brown-ish.” “Yup,” she giggled.

On that note, it’s bed time because my brain no longer works and I want to be refreshed for the kids in the morning.

(Cue Ela waking up! Damn it!)