Comedic Moments of our Day


Here are a few highs (or lows I suppose depending on your perspective) from today where I found myself chuckling.

*In the car after preschool today Lilly tried to put Odin in a good mood by telling jokes. Her favorite “joke” right now goes like this: “Hey, Mom! Do some jumping jacks!” She finds this hilarious because that’s what her Daddy keeps telling me in hopes that I’ll go into labor and he won’t have to go to work. Fast forward an hour and we’re at the doctor’s office. At the end of the appointment, on her way out, my doc says, “Maybe do some jumping jacks…” To which Lilly yelled in response, “That’s what my Daddy says!” Hilarious… So, I was thinking, maybe I’ll do some jumping jacks or something…

* Who flung poo? Yup, it was Odin. He was playing in the grassy part of our cul-de-sac and the next thing I know he throws this rock-like object on the pavement. I yell to O a few times from the driveway that it’s time for lunch and when he refuses to come I walk out to get him. He starts walking my way, stops to pick up the rock-like object and holds it out towards me as if he has a special present just for his Mama. As I realize this large rock is actually a large turd, from our dogs I’m sure, I scream at him to drop it and rush him inside to wash his nasty hands. Kids are gross! I’m just happy I didn’t vomit.

* Odin is a great napper. I always have to wake him up at 4pm no matter what time he goes down otherwise I think he’d probably sleep until 6 or something crazy like that. The problem is, when I wake him he is CRANKY! Today was no different, although maybe a little worse than usual. I went in and laid down next to him all nice and quiet like so that he could wake up slowly. In response to my stealth he rolled over and yelled, “Just get out of my room!” To his snarky greeting I responded, “Sweetie, it’s time to wake up.” “No!”  “Go!” “Get out!” were the remarks I heard as I made a swift retreat. Then I sent in Lilly to try and rouse the Beast. A solid 30 minutes later, the Beast retreated and my nice boy found his way back.

* Odin thinks it’s great to eat hummus with his fingers. I just think it’s great he eats hummus. Period. Of course, due to his preferred eating method I give him his own little bowl of it so he’s not contaminating all of it with his filthy fingers. As we’re sitting at the counter snacking, Lil decides she’d like to try hummus again, just in case she now likes it. Heck yeah darlin’, try it! I’m always excited when Lil is willing to try foods she otherwise turns her nose to so I allowed her to dip a finger in the large hummus container for a quick sample. I focused my attention on Odin for a moment while she sampled and the next thing I know Lilly has spit her small sample back into the big container! Of course I freaked out on her and then had to back-peddle and explain how disgusting that is and how we don’t do that, yadda yadda yadda. End of snack time.

Again, let me repeat, kids are gross.

And again I find myself thinking, It’s a good thing they’re so cute!



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