Pros and Cons of a Big-Ass Belly


Well, there are 3 days left until my due date and probably another 5 or so after that before I have this kid and my belly just keeps getting bigger. As it expands, I have frequently taken note of the few occasions in which having a big belly has been preferable as well as the seemingly many more occasions when it’s just been a nuisance. I’ve taken the liberty to outline them for you below:


Pros of having a big-ass belly:

1. It serves as a great resting place for things like hands and ice cream bowls.

2. A body pillow isn’t really necessary to support my belly at night while sleeping. The belly is fully supported by the bed instead.

3. People seem a lot more friendly and smile at you more often, especially at the gym.

4. It serves as great butt support for the kids when I pick them up to carry them.


Cons of having a big-ass belly:

1. Anything that drips out of my mouth lands on my belly instead of inconspicuously falling onto the ground. I especially notice this while brushing my teeth.

2. I bump into people at stores because I forget how far it extends outward. This has happened numerous times while trying to sneak past someone to grab a gallon of milk. Pregnant people with large bellies aren’t meant to be sneaky.

3. It is built-in drag for swimming. This could be a pro if I were training for a championship meet but since I’m obviously not, it is definitely a con.

4. In 2 months my swim suit has stretched out so much that it is another source of drag on top of the belly itself.

5. Many of my maternity shirts look like belly shirts at this point. My wearable maternity wardrobe has decreased dramatically based on stuff I just won’t wear and things that no longer fit.


As you can see, the pros and cons are almost balanced though the cons do edge out the pros. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to dwell on these pros and cons much longer. Although, to be honest, I’m feeling really good for being 39 1/2 weeks pregnant so it’s not that big of a deal to go a little longer. I’m just anxious to meet the bugger and find out the sex! Plus, my swim suit is getting so stretched out I’m almost embarrassed to wear it anymore.



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