… Rufus. Not exactly the introduction I was hoping to be able to make after this weekend but since the baby is enjoying torturing me and refusing to make an appearance in this world, getting to know Rufus will have to suffice.

This is our blue and red friend. He came into our lives after the unexpected death of the four goldfish we acquired from Jana’s wedding. You know, the wedding to which we wore these ensembles:

Stunning is the word you’re looking for, I think.

Anyways, the kids were bummed when the goldfish died so we thought one hardy Beta fish from Walmart might be a better way to go and way less of a commitment.

Rufus has been living with us for 1 1/2 months now and he seems to be doing just fine. Aside from a few  instances where a certain 2 year old covertly tried to feed our fishy friend resulting in the dumping of obscene amounts of food into the tank, all is going smoothly and Rufus seems no worse for wear. Rufus enjoys hanging out in his ridiculously colored cave and enjoys eating when I remember to feed him, though he’s not partial to the bloodworms that are suppose to be a delicious treat for Beta fish.

And speaking of treats…

When’s the last time you ate Candy Buttons?!?

Our good buddy, Lesley, picked these up to share with us and boy did the kids love them. It reminded me of the days when we’d go to Mr. Bulkey’s candy store in Spring Hill Mall and stock up on sheets of these sugary nubbins. I swear you end up eating just as much paper as sugar but that didn’t stop us (though it slightly annoyed the shit out of me when the paper peeled off with the candy) nor did it stop my kids. Honestly, I was really impressed by the speed at which Lilly finished off her sheet of buttons. The girl seemed determined to get every last one into her tummy as fast as possible, probably fearing I would take the sheet away before she could finish. She was obviously unaware of my long time love-hate relationship with this special candy and how I couldn’t, in my right mind, interfere with her first experience.

Of course, the package of Candy Buttons came with numerous sheets and now, since I have the kids hooked, I will be rationing them out as I see fit (read: will use as bribes).

Here’s to hoping that the next post you read involves a new baby brother or sister for my monsters instead of more ways I give my kids sugar highs…



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