A little ol’ tire swing


We’ve had this little beauty hanging in our front yard for 3 weeks now. My husband is smitten with himself over it and the kids in the neighborhood along with my kids’ other little buddies have been having a blast swinging to and fro. Having a tractor tire hanging from our front tree makes this Mama feel a little red-neck but also a whole lot of awesome!






When their Daddy first hung the tire I couldn’t help rolling my eyes but I couldn’t object to it after seeing the smiles from these monkeys’ faces:



As it turns out, I actually prefer the larger tire to a normal sized one(not that I was aware we were in the market for a tire swing in the first place.) The kiddos can nestle their little bodies inside and I don’t worry about them breaking themselves falling out (which isn’t to say they won’t break something on this eventually. Kids get creative after all!)

Unfortunately, after 3 weeks the rope has slipped down a little and the tire now sits on the ground a bit unless you wind it up first. Daddy needs to rectify the situation soon so I don’t have to play such a central role in swinging/spinning the tire for the kids. Although on second thought, it may just induce labor so maybe we can hold off on retying the tire for a while…

Who wants a swing?







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