A work of art

A work of art

The other day we were at the pediatrician because Lilly needed her 4 year checkup and shots.  She had to get 4 shots total, two in each arm! I can proudly report she took ’em like a champ. No tears or complaining. She really showed her brother how it’s done! Then she was showered with rewards from the nurses and doctors. A Popsicle, a Star of the Day certificate, a pencil, a book mark, a sticker and a tattoo! I think it was a little overboard but Lil was thrilled. Great pediatrician office though, right?!

Anyways, that’s not what I wanted to share. Sometimes I go off on tangents. It’s a problem I have. Let’s bring it back to the purpose of this post.

So at Lil’s doctor’s appointment they gave me a developmental questionnaire to fill out asking a whole slew of things. Most of which I could confidently answer “yes, she does that.” But when it came to the question, “When asked to draw a person, does our child draw at least 5 different features such as head, arms, legs, torso, eyes etc?” I honestly had to think about this. Drawing people is not something I have ever done with my daughter. I feel like a dope typing this. I mean, what mother hasn’t drawn pictures with her daughter by age four? Sure, we’ve done a whole heck of a lot of other crafty things but stick figure drawings haven’t been in the cards so far. This left me sitting in the waiting room while my kids scared the fish in the fish tank deciding whether it was best to just lie and mark “yes, my kid does this” or make Lilly leave the fish and draw me a picture. I let her continue roaring at the fish with her brother. I mean, the kid is in preschool. They teach them how to draw stick figures, right…?

Fast forward to the next evening. We had parent night at Lilly’s preschool. She was super excited to show us what she does in her classroom throughout the school day and I was excited to find out. We pawned Odin off on my in-laws and let Lil be our teacher for the evening. She showed us a few of her favorite things to do.

Lil eagerly pulled out these colorful wooden shapes and started stacking and building. Daddy joined in and they spent at least 15 minutes building and balancing the pieces. The first time I tried to help I knocked down the whole tower so I just observed from then on. And felt like a fool. Pretty standard!

We spent an hour in the classroom learning about our daughter and the environment she learns in every day. It was wonderful. But by far, the best part of the whole evening was looking at the family portraits that each child drew,
hanging on the walls of the classroom.
Please recall the beginning portion of this post involving my lack of knowledge in regards to my daughter’s drawing abilities. It’s important.

We walked around the room looking for Lilly’s family portrait. We saw many others hanging on the wall. Some were really very well done and some looked, well, like they should. Like a preschooler did them.  I couldn’t wait to see how Lil’s turned out and when I found it I burst out laughing (though I quickly stifled the laughter and turned it into praise for a job well done since she was standing next to me.)

Below is our family portrait. I am keeping this forever and ever. I invite you to take a close look.

Are you laughing yet? Can you tell which ones are the dogs? Can you tell which one is Daddy?

Can my daughter draw a person? I can now answer that question truthfully, “Hell yes she can and she can draw them anatomically correct!” (aside from the lack of arms…)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s a penis hanging from the long hotdog-torsoed person which represents Daddy. Everyone got a good laugh out of her portrait, Daddy included. He only wishes she would have drawn it a little bigger!


(If you didn’t notice, there is also a baby in Mommy’s belly. It’s the circle in the torso of the person with the huge head.)


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