2 year olds…


… they really know how to make you feel like a douche bag.

Let me give you an example:

We just dropped Lil off at preschool. I have some errands I wanted to run and then i was going to take O to the book store for a bit to play with the train table and get an Easter book for the kid’s Easter baskets. Of course Target is one of the only stores open at 8:30am so i pull into the parking lot and O immediately yells, “no store!” I ask him if he wants to go home and what he wants to do. He says, “Go home. Play.” So before I even park I leave the parking lot and head home because taking a 2 year old into a store he doesn’t want to go into is a recipe for disaster as I’ve found out all too often lately. Well, of course as I’m driving away he says, “No! Wait! Yes, store! Store!!! Wahhhhhh!” I tell him the decision has been made. We’re going home to play. Now of course he continues to cry all the way home. In fact, he is still sitting
in the car crying but he changed his plea from “store” to “Daddy!” Every time I try to take him out he looses his shit even more. Mother-of-the-Year award, right here ladies and gentlemen.

I know it’s classic 2 year old behavior but it still makes me feel like a d-bag even though his decisions are what brought on his current emotional state.

Time to go help him get happy. Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday. Thanks for the vent.

**** Update****

Guess what is helping him hold it all together this morning…

…Sometimes a movie is the best medicine for both Mommy and child. We’ll play outside and use our brains later on. For now we’re going to continue to decompress.


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