Excuse me, Giraffe, but that’s urine…


Yesterday Grandma Anke accompanied us to Brookfield Zoo. Her favorite animal is the Giraffe so we made sure to stop and see them. I’ll never look at giraffes the same. Let me explain.

We were viewing those long-necked creatures and my mom and I were snapping some pics.  Below is one I took of Odin as he’s saying, “Hello!” to the giraffes. It was cute.



What I didn’t find to be particularly cute was when one giraffe started taking a pee while another giraffe stood behind it placing its face and head in the urine stream.

The giraffe on the left is the pisser. The one behind it to the right was the one drenching itself in the pee. I mean, it was pretty hot out yesterday but I’m not so sure it was hot enough for that sort of behavior.

Way to pick an animal with nasty habits as your favorite, Grandma Anke! You’re gross by association. Love you 😉


We soon forgot about the unsanitary giraffes as we entered Great Bear Wilderness and cooled off with the polar bears.

And we ended our visit with the dolphin show. Always a crowd pleaser!


And of course we got caught in a torrential downpour as soon as we left the dolphins. I knew the rain was coming at some point in the afternoon but was hoping to make it out of the zoo before it hit.  Basically as soon as we started walking to the exit the sky started pissing on us and instead of taking cover like everyone else I said f*** it and kept charging towards the parking lot. I figured the rain wasn’t going to let up any time soon and we had to get back in time for swim lessons. Anyone want to take a guess as to when the rain let up?

I bet you’ve got a good guess.

Yup, as soon as we all piled into the car and got all the gear in the rain stopped.  I was drenched, my car was full of dog hair and the kids were a little on the whinny side. All I could do was laugh.

It was a great first trip to the zoo this year but there was so much we didn’t get to do and see. Not to worry though, I bought the family pass so we’ll be going back soon! More goofy zoo adventures are to be had and shared with you!

Good times!



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