Enduring the heat


I really didn’t think  that I’d be dealing with these high temperatures during this pregnancy. My maternity wardrobe just isn’t cut out for this weather. But that’s not what I wanted to post about. I just needed to bring that up for a moment.

What I really wanted to share with you is this

As of late, Dragon has taken up residence in the bathroom.

It makes me chuckle looking at him because he reminds me of a drunk college kid. It’ll be okay, little buddy. (Don’t you dare puke in my house!!)

He’s really a cold weather dog at heart and the cool tile floor gives him a little reprieve from the heat since the indoor temp and outdoor temp are identical here at Camp Bailey. I refuse to turn the AC on yet. It’s still March damn it!

In addition to the cool tile floor, the bathroom also provides some solitude. It’s where he hides from our mini terrorists after a long day of playing with them outside chasing the dirt bike/four-wheeler/bicycles/tennis balls etc… Basically, he’s just worn out.

And I’m loving it!

He gets into way less mischief lately. No chewed up toys/books/recycling. No running away (knock on wood!) Better obedience. Here’s to hoping I can keep up this trend through the spring and summer. Shouldn’t be a problem since I have a dirt bike junkie on my hands to rid her dog of all his excess energy 🙂

Though the warmth is nice(ish), in all honesty my pregnant ass is really looking forward to the cooler temps that are coming our way. Nobody likes a sweaty, cranky, fat girl!






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  1. Love the pic. I want to curl up on tile floor too. Try being in an upstairs, corner room with 32 fifth graders who stink. Kids and teachers are really sick there. My head has been throbbing yesterday and on Monday. I’m up to correct papers because yesterday I just had to go to bed. See you Tueday or if it doesn’t work, let me know.

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