Yay! The dentist!


So little Miss Dragon Breath could not have been more excited about her first trip to the dentist. Yes she is 4 and this is her first real teeth cleaning. I may be a little behind the ball but whatever, I got her there. I was hoping it would help with her bad breath that has developed over the past month or so but her teeth were pretty clean. The dental tech said that there could be many other factors contributing to her bad breath including tonsils, diet and colds. I think the cleaning will help and I’ve switched her to adult toothpaste which I think is helping too.

Aside from the state of her breath, the actual visit to the dentist went great. It caught me off guard just how willing she was to go given peoples’ stereotypical response to the dentist although I suppose she has not had any bad experiences yet to create the feelings of dread that most people harbor. She was all but bouncing off the walls as the receptionist asked her if she was ready to get her teeth cleaned.

Reading The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist probably helped. in the car on the way she said she needed to act like a big kid just like Brother Bear did when he went to the dentist with Sister Bear. I told her she is a big kid, she doesn’t just have to act like one. She said, “I know I’m a big kid but I need to act like one too!”

Wow! When did she get so smart?

Here are some pics of her big teeth cleaning adventure:

She looks so little in this chair but so big at the same time!











She got to wear some pretty sweet shades to keep the bright light out of her eyes. I wish I was a kid at the dentist!









This foamy teeth protector stuff tasted like cotton candy. Yum (if you’re a kid!) I think I would have gagged though.











The suction tube was called Mr. Thirsty. It was a lot of fun to play with after the dental technician was all done cleaning her teeth.











Odin was very intrigued about the whole experience. His sister put on a great show for him.









Then Lil got to practice brushing the big teeth. She showed O how to brush all sides of the teeth and then O got a turn to try it out.









And what’s a trip to the dentist without a prize from the prize box? I would have snapped a pic of Lil’s cute bracelet she picked out but Odin was having a melt down over the fact that he wanted two cars from the prize box instead of just one. Such a stinker!

All in all it was a very successful first trip to the dentist.

And after we waited the necessary 30 minutes for Lil’s teeth protector stuff to work its magic we sucked down some Shamrock Shakes while playing outside at home! Good times.



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