Suburban Cowgirl


Our self-proclaimed princess exchanged her tiara for a cowgirl hat a few days ago, at least when she’s outdoors.  Let me explain. Lately we’ve been reading the heck out of a book entitled, Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, in which a little girl wants a horse and only a horse for her birthday. Instead of a horse she gets a bike that her daddy calls a horse.

My little girl got two ‘horses’ for her birthday.

This one is called Sweetie. She picked it out and didn’t want to get off.










Of course the last lap she made on it that first full day she had it she was T-boned by our dog, Dragon, and broke the front brake. It’s a good thing her Grandpa had the good sense to purchase the one year, no questions asked warranty. We’ll get his money out of it for sure!









The next day Lilly got another ‘horse’. It came from her Aunt Baret. This one is called Lightening and looks just like her Daddy’s four-wheeler that is now called Thunder.











In a flash she too crashed this horse, though the dog was not at fault this time. Some how she didn’t see the huge Maple tree in our side yard that she was gunning right towards.









Her brother’s reaction to the crashed dirt bike was priceless.











Despite the crash, like a true cowgirl, she got right back in the saddle (once daddy straightened the training wheels) and sped off through the lawn as her brother whined about wanting a turn.

And in case you were wondering, there were no little cowgirls harmed in the making of this post. She was totally fine after the crash which is why I can chuckle about it now as I type. We have since enacted a No Tree Ramming policy and she wears all the protective gear.

Yee Haw!



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  1. Wow, what BIG exciting fun things for Lil. Will she be taking after Sarah in the horse part? By the way, Sarah helped create a crash of a neighbor on a LIttle Tykes bike that ended in a broken arm of the neighbor. Sarah claims not guilty in that one but the neighbor thought otherwise.

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