My Princess turns 4! and other weekend maddness


We celebrated Lil’s 4th birthday this weekend though officially it’s tomorrow at 12:34am. Boy am I spent! On top of the birthday party Saturday morning, we had a wedding Saturday night and then I spent the day in Chicago today with my extended female family members seeing the musical Bring It On. Here’s a photo recap of the weekend:



My Princess requested a princess cake and this is what she got. I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out and she was too.









It wasn’t hard to get her to smile for this pic.










I pre-made crowns that the kids decorated with glittery stickers and markers. I also made the banner in the background which says “Happy Birthday Princess Lillian”.








To the King’s dismay our little Prince chose the pink crown. But hey, at least he colored in blue!











I made this goofy poster and we played “pin the frog on the princess”. A spin off of your classic kid party game.









The best game we played involved this box which I filled with chocolate gold coins. While the kiddos were playing in the basement the gold was “stolen” and scattered around our house. It was the little princes and princesses job to help us find it all. They loved running around grabbing as many gold coins as they could and of course they got to bring home the loot they collected.








Famished from the fun, our royal guests ate fruit wands, pretzels and sandwiches cut out into the shape of butterflies and flowers. Total kid fare.







Then I pumped them all full of sugar!

In addition to the cake I made these sugar cookies for our royal celebration.







And the King made cotton candy which was a huge hit.











Everyone had a great time at the party and it went off without a hitch.






Later that evening we attending the wedding reception for an old swimmer buddy of ours wearing some fancy pants and socks. If you don’t know the bride you wouldn’t understand but I’m pretty sure she loved our look. Love you Jana! You were a beautiful bride and we had a great time at your wedding!!!











The wedding also served as a reunion of swimmer buddies from the good old days when we all swam for the Woodstock Dolphins. Laura is the beautiful girl on the far right and was my Big Sister on the team. I haven’t seen her in 14 years and it was awesome getting reacquainted and reminiscing! There were more than just us four but unfortunately we didn’t get a large group shot of all the old swimmers like we had planned.  Either way it was still a great time.




The weekend fun didn’t end there. Today I spent the day in Chicago with my extended female family members seeing Bring It On the musical. It was entertaining, especially since my former cheerleader cousins wore their obnoxious hair bows.





Don’t they look great!?!








I love spending time with my family. We’re a close-knit bunch and it’s always fun to get together to do non-holiday related hanging out. Thanks for the good time gals!





And now after a week of party prep (read: ridiculously late bed times), wedding celebrating and a musical madness I am spent. Time to start prepping for Easter!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!



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  1. Loved looking at the pictures. I saw a fabulous, beautiful princess. You are so creative Colleen. Glad you loved the play. I’m off the last full week of March. Pick a day to come over and I’ll make pancakes and we can walk or take the kids to a park. Or, you go have coffee and relax and I’ll take the kids to my old park in the ol’ neighborhood.

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