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Baby chicks and baby bumps


It’s Spring and with Spring comes all sorts of things baby related.

For one, we are getting baby chicks. My wonderful mother-in-law is raising them for us right now at her place until I’m ready to bring them home which will probably be after baby #3 comes along. Yesterday the kids got to hold them for the first time.


And of course there is the upcoming birth of our baby. Just under 5 weeks until my due date!  Here’s a pic of me from the other night in that silly red shirt.

I’m 35 weeks and feeling pretty great. I’ve been swimming for about 4 weeks now, 4-5 times per week and it’s done wonders for my pelvic pain. I don’t break down into tears from the pain anymore and I know that makes my husband a whole lot happier. I can move around freely, play with the kids outside and carry them again when they need some extra lovin’. It’s amazing! I just wish I would have started swimming sooner.

I must say though, that my backstroke these days is a sight to behold. My father-in-law was swimming with me the other night and laughed at the sight of my belly rotating from side to side above the water.  He said the baby was probably getting sea-sick in my belly from all the swaying. Honestly, he might be right because I swear the kiddo inside is bracing itself against my ribs as I swim. It’s not the most comfortable feeling and my body is anything but stream line but I’m feeling stronger at least and am less worried about the upcoming labor.

For shits and giggles, here’s a red shirt, baby bump play-by-play spanning the past 12 weeks.


23 Weeks                                                           28 Weeks                                                            35 Weeks

With just about a month to go I think it’s time to start thinking about the things I need to acquire for baby #3 and all the prep work I’d like to accomplish before baby’s arrival. But instead, I’m going to go outside and play with the kids and chuckle as my husband tries to hang a tire swing from the tree that just keeps dropping branches. Stay tuned for scenes from this debacle, I mean adventure…






Excuse me, Giraffe, but that’s urine…


Yesterday Grandma Anke accompanied us to Brookfield Zoo. Her favorite animal is the Giraffe so we made sure to stop and see them. I’ll never look at giraffes the same. Let me explain.

We were viewing those long-necked creatures and my mom and I were snapping some pics.  Below is one I took of Odin as he’s saying, “Hello!” to the giraffes. It was cute.



What I didn’t find to be particularly cute was when one giraffe started taking a pee while another giraffe stood behind it placing its face and head in the urine stream.

The giraffe on the left is the pisser. The one behind it to the right was the one drenching itself in the pee. I mean, it was pretty hot out yesterday but I’m not so sure it was hot enough for that sort of behavior.

Way to pick an animal with nasty habits as your favorite, Grandma Anke! You’re gross by association. Love you 😉


We soon forgot about the unsanitary giraffes as we entered Great Bear Wilderness and cooled off with the polar bears.

And we ended our visit with the dolphin show. Always a crowd pleaser!


And of course we got caught in a torrential downpour as soon as we left the dolphins. I knew the rain was coming at some point in the afternoon but was hoping to make it out of the zoo before it hit.  Basically as soon as we started walking to the exit the sky started pissing on us and instead of taking cover like everyone else I said f*** it and kept charging towards the parking lot. I figured the rain wasn’t going to let up any time soon and we had to get back in time for swim lessons. Anyone want to take a guess as to when the rain let up?

I bet you’ve got a good guess.

Yup, as soon as we all piled into the car and got all the gear in the rain stopped.  I was drenched, my car was full of dog hair and the kids were a little on the whinny side. All I could do was laugh.

It was a great first trip to the zoo this year but there was so much we didn’t get to do and see. Not to worry though, I bought the family pass so we’ll be going back soon! More goofy zoo adventures are to be had and shared with you!

Good times!


Enduring the heat


I really didn’t think  that I’d be dealing with these high temperatures during this pregnancy. My maternity wardrobe just isn’t cut out for this weather. But that’s not what I wanted to post about. I just needed to bring that up for a moment.

What I really wanted to share with you is this

As of late, Dragon has taken up residence in the bathroom.

It makes me chuckle looking at him because he reminds me of a drunk college kid. It’ll be okay, little buddy. (Don’t you dare puke in my house!!)

He’s really a cold weather dog at heart and the cool tile floor gives him a little reprieve from the heat since the indoor temp and outdoor temp are identical here at Camp Bailey. I refuse to turn the AC on yet. It’s still March damn it!

In addition to the cool tile floor, the bathroom also provides some solitude. It’s where he hides from our mini terrorists after a long day of playing with them outside chasing the dirt bike/four-wheeler/bicycles/tennis balls etc… Basically, he’s just worn out.

And I’m loving it!

He gets into way less mischief lately. No chewed up toys/books/recycling. No running away (knock on wood!) Better obedience. Here’s to hoping I can keep up this trend through the spring and summer. Shouldn’t be a problem since I have a dirt bike junkie on my hands to rid her dog of all his excess energy 🙂

Though the warmth is nice(ish), in all honesty my pregnant ass is really looking forward to the cooler temps that are coming our way. Nobody likes a sweaty, cranky, fat girl!





We’re going on a bear hunt…

We’re going on a bear hunt…

… And we found 3 baby bear cubs!

For a few weeks now we’ve been anticipating Daddy’s big birthday surprise for our Lilly-Bear and inadvertently for Odin and myself as well. He wouldn’t tell us anything about where we were going or what we were doing aside from the fact that we had to go to Chicago for it. I figured it had to be something really cool for him to take us downtown on his day off from commuting to the city and we weren’t disappointed.

We got to play with three 8 week old black bear cubs. A friend and coworker of ours owns a gallery in Chicago and had a lady come in for a special showing of the cubs for a small group of us. For an hour we were able to hold, pet, watch and photograph the little balls of fur as they pawed at the air, tried to suck our hands, cried out for more food and crawled around on the blanket.

Of course as is the case with youngsters of any species it can be a little difficult to get a good picture since they never hold still for very long. I spent the hour snapping away when I wasn’t holding the bears trying to capture the moment. Here’s what I ended up with:

Lilly thought that the baby bear was missing her mommy and made sure to let us all know.


By the end of the hour the the three bear cubs and my little cub were tuckered out.

Happy St. Pat’s, Y’all!

Happy St. Pat’s, Y’all!


We’ve been spending our day playing in the rain, mud and sunshine. It’s been awesome! Hope you’re having as much fun as we are!

Getting in a dry run before the rain hit.











Now going out in the rain to rip through some mud puddles.









We got a little wet and muddy.


She loved getting muddy but didn’t want to stay that way after she got off Lightening (her bike.)


















The dogs didn’t mind staying muddy. It’s their favorite state to be in.



This is a rare shot of Doc standing after the run. He was pooped and will be limping for days. He’s such an old man dog.







Dragon was so thirsty he was licking mud puddles for water.






And what’s a holiday without some festive cookies!?!









Happy St. Pat’s, everyone!



Yay! The dentist!


So little Miss Dragon Breath could not have been more excited about her first trip to the dentist. Yes she is 4 and this is her first real teeth cleaning. I may be a little behind the ball but whatever, I got her there. I was hoping it would help with her bad breath that has developed over the past month or so but her teeth were pretty clean. The dental tech said that there could be many other factors contributing to her bad breath including tonsils, diet and colds. I think the cleaning will help and I’ve switched her to adult toothpaste which I think is helping too.

Aside from the state of her breath, the actual visit to the dentist went great. It caught me off guard just how willing she was to go given peoples’ stereotypical response to the dentist although I suppose she has not had any bad experiences yet to create the feelings of dread that most people harbor. She was all but bouncing off the walls as the receptionist asked her if she was ready to get her teeth cleaned.

Reading The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist probably helped. in the car on the way she said she needed to act like a big kid just like Brother Bear did when he went to the dentist with Sister Bear. I told her she is a big kid, she doesn’t just have to act like one. She said, “I know I’m a big kid but I need to act like one too!”

Wow! When did she get so smart?

Here are some pics of her big teeth cleaning adventure:

She looks so little in this chair but so big at the same time!











She got to wear some pretty sweet shades to keep the bright light out of her eyes. I wish I was a kid at the dentist!









This foamy teeth protector stuff tasted like cotton candy. Yum (if you’re a kid!) I think I would have gagged though.











The suction tube was called Mr. Thirsty. It was a lot of fun to play with after the dental technician was all done cleaning her teeth.











Odin was very intrigued about the whole experience. His sister put on a great show for him.









Then Lil got to practice brushing the big teeth. She showed O how to brush all sides of the teeth and then O got a turn to try it out.









And what’s a trip to the dentist without a prize from the prize box? I would have snapped a pic of Lil’s cute bracelet she picked out but Odin was having a melt down over the fact that he wanted two cars from the prize box instead of just one. Such a stinker!

All in all it was a very successful first trip to the dentist.

And after we waited the necessary 30 minutes for Lil’s teeth protector stuff to work its magic we sucked down some Shamrock Shakes while playing outside at home! Good times.


Suburban Cowgirl


Our self-proclaimed princess exchanged her tiara for a cowgirl hat a few days ago, at least when she’s outdoors.  Let me explain. Lately we’ve been reading the heck out of a book entitled, Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, in which a little girl wants a horse and only a horse for her birthday. Instead of a horse she gets a bike that her daddy calls a horse.

My little girl got two ‘horses’ for her birthday.

This one is called Sweetie. She picked it out and didn’t want to get off.










Of course the last lap she made on it that first full day she had it she was T-boned by our dog, Dragon, and broke the front brake. It’s a good thing her Grandpa had the good sense to purchase the one year, no questions asked warranty. We’ll get his money out of it for sure!









The next day Lilly got another ‘horse’. It came from her Aunt Baret. This one is called Lightening and looks just like her Daddy’s four-wheeler that is now called Thunder.











In a flash she too crashed this horse, though the dog was not at fault this time. Some how she didn’t see the huge Maple tree in our side yard that she was gunning right towards.









Her brother’s reaction to the crashed dirt bike was priceless.











Despite the crash, like a true cowgirl, she got right back in the saddle (once daddy straightened the training wheels) and sped off through the lawn as her brother whined about wanting a turn.

And in case you were wondering, there were no little cowgirls harmed in the making of this post. She was totally fine after the crash which is why I can chuckle about it now as I type. We have since enacted a No Tree Ramming policy and she wears all the protective gear.

Yee Haw!


My girl over the years


My first born just turned 4 today. We’ve been celebrating her birthday to various degrees for about 5 days now. It’s been quite an event. I must say that I loved the way her teachers celebrate and honor birthdays in the classroom. There are no treats involved. All the kids sit around the circle and in the middle is a sprawling wooden sun with a large candle in the middle surrounded by 4 smaller candles. Each smaller candle signifies one trip around the sun that Lilly has taken. Using the 5 pictures I sent in, her teacher explains what Lilly was doing during each year of her life and shows the accompanying photo. Then Lilly walks around the sun four times and after a moment of silence in honor of Lil’s birthday they sing “Happy Birthday”. It’s a really special way to acknowledge their birthdays and Lil really loved it. Let me share with you the photos we sent in:










Lilly at 1 week. This is by far the cutest picture I have of her at this age. Really, she wasn’t the cutest newborn. She looked a bit traumatized from her entrance into this world. Her face was swollen, she had had the umbilical cord around her neck, her head was cone shaped and she was and still is very hairy. Basically she looked like a Chinese chipmunk. But she was my Chinese chipmunk baby and I loved her instantly. However, I must confess that one of my first fleeting thoughts when I immediately held her was, “Wow, she’s a little gross. They need to clean her up.” Below is a newborn pic of her that I didn’t send in to school but do you see what I mean about Chinese Chipmunk?










Moving on to year 1








She was a doll. We were living in Chicago at the time and I would stroll her all over the city and everyone would stop and tell me how adorable she was.












Here she is the day before she turned 2. It was her Uncle Robby and Aunt Kathryn’s wedding. She made a cute flower girl. Daddy was the officiant and as she was walking down the aisle the guests told her to throw the flowers that she was just holding and so she chucked the flower basket on the floor and ran to Daddy at the front. She was just following directions!









Here’s my girl at 3 with her new(ish) pup, Dragon. Her cuteness factor helped get her out of trouble many times. I thought we experienced terrible two’s but they were nothing compared to the three’s. Her strong personality that developed throughout her 2’s was reinforced by a strong dose of attitude and an expanding vocabulary that often got her in trouble. On the flip side, I’ve had so much fun with her over the past year. She is so capable and confident and surprises me regularly with what she knows and can accomplish.












This is the last picture we brought to school. She’s almost 4 here. I look at this picture and the term ‘heart-breaker’ comes to mind and I am scared for her pre-teen/teenage years.

I must say though, that I’m excited for what this next year has in store for her. Soon she is going to be a big sister again, a role she already excels at and enjoys. She has and will continue to challenge me to be on top of my game as a mother. She takes after her daddy who was a very spunky (read: challenging) little boy. She’ll often make me feel like I’m a step behind her, but we will continue growing together and learning from each other constantly. She is incredibly nurturing, spunky, beautiful, sharp, goofy and loveable. Life is just so much fun with her in it!

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl!

~A proud Mama


My Princess turns 4! and other weekend maddness


We celebrated Lil’s 4th birthday this weekend though officially it’s tomorrow at 12:34am. Boy am I spent! On top of the birthday party Saturday morning, we had a wedding Saturday night and then I spent the day in Chicago today with my extended female family members seeing the musical Bring It On. Here’s a photo recap of the weekend:



My Princess requested a princess cake and this is what she got. I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out and she was too.









It wasn’t hard to get her to smile for this pic.










I pre-made crowns that the kids decorated with glittery stickers and markers. I also made the banner in the background which says “Happy Birthday Princess Lillian”.








To the King’s dismay our little Prince chose the pink crown. But hey, at least he colored in blue!











I made this goofy poster and we played “pin the frog on the princess”. A spin off of your classic kid party game.









The best game we played involved this box which I filled with chocolate gold coins. While the kiddos were playing in the basement the gold was “stolen” and scattered around our house. It was the little princes and princesses job to help us find it all. They loved running around grabbing as many gold coins as they could and of course they got to bring home the loot they collected.








Famished from the fun, our royal guests ate fruit wands, pretzels and sandwiches cut out into the shape of butterflies and flowers. Total kid fare.







Then I pumped them all full of sugar!

In addition to the cake I made these sugar cookies for our royal celebration.







And the King made cotton candy which was a huge hit.











Everyone had a great time at the party and it went off without a hitch.






Later that evening we attending the wedding reception for an old swimmer buddy of ours wearing some fancy pants and socks. If you don’t know the bride you wouldn’t understand but I’m pretty sure she loved our look. Love you Jana! You were a beautiful bride and we had a great time at your wedding!!!











The wedding also served as a reunion of swimmer buddies from the good old days when we all swam for the Woodstock Dolphins. Laura is the beautiful girl on the far right and was my Big Sister on the team. I haven’t seen her in 14 years and it was awesome getting reacquainted and reminiscing! There were more than just us four but unfortunately we didn’t get a large group shot of all the old swimmers like we had planned.  Either way it was still a great time.




The weekend fun didn’t end there. Today I spent the day in Chicago with my extended female family members seeing Bring It On the musical. It was entertaining, especially since my former cheerleader cousins wore their obnoxious hair bows.





Don’t they look great!?!








I love spending time with my family. We’re a close-knit bunch and it’s always fun to get together to do non-holiday related hanging out. Thanks for the good time gals!





And now after a week of party prep (read: ridiculously late bed times), wedding celebrating and a musical madness I am spent. Time to start prepping for Easter!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!