Comparisons between a young boy and a young canine


1. They both find joy in trying to catch the uncatchable. For example, when the snow was falling the other day our dog, Dragon, was running around the yard like a maniac trying to catch snowflakes. This morning O saw the dust particles floating in the ray of sunshine and tried frantically to catch them.


2. To varying degrees they are both destructive. Every time I leave Dragon in the house when we leave he gets into something. He gets on the counters and takes things and shreds them. I never see him do this when we’re home. This week he destroyed a hard, plastic vacuum attachment, a bag of fun colored pasta, the corner of a library book, a dirty diaper (I forgot to lock the gate for the upstairs) and the handle to the kids’ tennis racket (while in the garage). That’s just what comes to mind. O, on the other hand, pees on things in the house (though I suppose that’s hardly his fault since we let him have naked time), mangles books and chucks things for fun (folded laundry is his favorite and since I’m the primary laundry folder I find this behavior highly unacceptable!)

3. They both like to play fetch. It keeps them busy for long stretches of time and typically they are wrestling each other to get the ball.

4. They are hilarious one moment and obnoxious the next. Aren’t all young creatures this way?

5. They are very ticklish. Dragon is the most ticklish dog I know. I hardly start petting him and he begins freaking out with his legs rapidly convulsing. It’s kind of amusing but I wish I could pet him without sending him into fits. O loves to be tickled and provokes us all the time. His laugh is infectious.

6. They stink.

7. They have a four wheeler obsession. They whine like the babies they are if they aren’t allowed to go for a ride.

8. Their energy levels are astounding. They run around like maniacs, usually chasing each other, and I get tired just watching.

9.  They have beautiful eyes. O gets his from me. Cullen told me the other day that O’s are brighter than mine and I told him that’s just because mine have been dulled by the reality of life whereas he is still living the dream. Dragon doesn’t get his eyes from me… they’re yellow. Makes him look very wolfish.

10. They are extremely sensative. They’re both lovers and know when they’ve done wrong. They do not like being yelled at though that hardly deters them from exhibiting less than stellar behavior at times. In addition, they both came over to me yesterday when I couldn’t stop crying (pregnant people are known to do this from time to time) and comforted me. It was so sweet on both their parts and made me feel so loved. I even stopped crying for brief moments until I started back up again.

I’ll stop the list of similarities here although I’m sure there are plenty more I’ve glossed over.

And though I may complain about them at length sometimes, I do love my boys.


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