Gearing up for some good times










Well, just 10 more weeks to go until these two hooligans have a new brother or sister. We’re all pretty excited about it. Those weeks should fly by since there is Lilly’s 4th birthday to think about and plan, a friend’s wedding and Easter festivities to look forward to. There are also a few major projects I should address before I really don’t have any free time and am walking around in a haze of sleep derivation.

Sleep, not there is a thing that has been coming easily the past 5 or so days thanks to our new Sleep Number bed. It’s magical. I no longer have hip or back pain to complain about (though the pelvic pain persists) and am sleeping like a baby without needing to reposition my growing self all night long. *sigh* I can’t stop gushing to people about how wonderful my new bed is and I seem to find ways of bringing the topic up in conversation just to talk about it. I’m addicted to my bed. And ya know what? It’s late, so I’m gonna go lay in it now and be happy.

Sweet dreams, friends.




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