Doing what he loves


O spent all of Valentine’s Day doing what he loves. And by all day, I mean ALL day.









After we came home from dropping Lilly off at preschool Odin sat at the table for over an hour and put together 14 puzzles of varying complexity while I worked on the computer. Afterwards he needed a snack because it’s hard work doing puzzles all by yourself when you’ve just turned 2, although he makes it look easy.











After picking Lil up we went to Grandma Anke’s house and O did 4 more puzzles. Then we went to the library together and he helped Lilly do two more huge floor puzzles. I’m pretty sure he’s better than his almost-four-year-old sister. Finally, after coming back home from a fun afternoon of puzzling he and Lilly did another big alphabet floor puzzle. Honestly, all O did yesterday was puzzle and eat.

It was a pretty sweet day for a very sweet boy.

(Disclaimer:  I know this isn’t the first time I’ve highlighted O’s puzzling addiction and it won’t be the last. As his mommy I am very proud of his puzzling skills and could sit and watch him figure them out all day long. Some days I do!)

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