A Day With My Lovelies


Today was a fun day. We spent all week prepping and talking this day up. Parts of it were a hit whereas other parts were a miss. But hey, that’s how this parenting/life thing works, right? Let me share a little of it with you.

Lilly and I spent 3 days crafting her valentines for school today. She was very excited to give them to her classmates during their class party. They ate muffins together I’m told.

Lilly sponge painted the hearts, wrote her name 20 times, and inserted the pipe cleaners. It was a fun way to spend our afternoons together while Odin took his naps.


These are the valentines that she came home with. So many cute homemade cards.


Our afternoon cookie decorating playdate we had scheduled fell through but that didn’t stop our confectionery activities. Lilly and I were waiting for O to wake up from his 2 1/2 hour nap so we whipped up some marshmallow pops


and then we dove into the cookie decorating while dinner was cooking.

They’re getting so much better at decorating and not eating every cookie in their hands. Me, not so much. I feel I should point out my belly that snuck into that last photo. See the red crescent at the bottom? That’s it. Hi baby!

Our fun didn’t end with cookies. We ate dinner with Grandma and then we had Lilly’s Family Valentine’s Dance at her school. Every day this week when Lil got in the car after school she excitedly talked about the dance. She would explain to her oblivious brother about how much fun they were going to have and what to expect. I coaxed Daddy into joining us and we also brought their grandparents and a neighbor friend.

My pictures suck but here’s a few that highlight the fun.

I don’t think my kids’ feet were on the floor very much. Daddy is spinning O. I feel dizzy just looking at this pic and that makes me feel old.


The kids were happiest when they were lifted into the air, twirled around and falling down. Good thing we brought backup to help with the spinning!


Just like their mom and dad they make stellar facial expressions while busting a move. Rock on kiddos!


And rock on they did. This pic shows 3 generations of guys who love a good party. They owned that corner of the gym for all of 2 minutes until O found the light switch and put the place in darkness (aside from the fun disco lights) for 10 minutes. That’s my boy! Unfortunately my kids are huge wussies and as soon as the lights were off they started melting down.



So we pumped them full of fruit and cupcakes and juice. Yum!










Of course the kids had the most fun while punishing their dad and grandpa on the dance floor. They’ll both whine tomorrow about how their backs hurt. I already had to give their dad a shoulder massage. Wah wah wah.











But in all fairness he was dancing while carrying both kids for most of the night. He’s a great dad and really made the dance fun(er) for the kids! Damn I wish I had better pics!

All-in-all, I’m glad we went to the dance. It was a fun way to end our Valentine filled day. Sure, it would’ve been nice had they embraced the dancing a bit more and stayed on their own two feet but I wasn’t the one carrying them around so it’s all good!

I hope you all enjoy your time with your Valentines this weekend. I know I will be!


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