My furry nuisances

My furry nuisances

My hubby grew up with dogs and he treats them like people. He loves their smell/stink and finds great comfort in their presence. I for one, grew up a cat person although I always liked dogs. We were just much too busy with all our athletic escapades growing up to have time for a dog. I love my dogs but it’s a different type of love than my husband has. I don’t find comfort in their stink. Either way, most of the time I’m glad we have them around.

Meet Dragon. He’s our 1 year old Shepherd. We got him on Halloween 2010 which was the same day that Odin took his first steps.

Anyways, Dragon is the first dog that I’ve raised (and I’m not saying I raised him well!). He’s a total goon and I love him. My kids can brutalize him and he takes it…for the most part. He loves to play fetch, chase the four-wheeler and he is the itchiest dog I’ve ever met.

He scratches himself all day long. I took him to the vet when he was younger because I thought he had a problem but I was just given special shampoo and told that if I thought he was suffering they could give him a cortisone shot. He itches incessantly but never itches anything raw so I let him scratch. My major issue with all the scratching is all the hair that then flies all over my house. I have to sweep/vacuum every 2 days otherwise it’s a disgusting mess in my house.

Owning and wearing fleece is stupid but I’ve had these pants since my college swimming days and they fit my expanding ass so I deal. Though I must say that the sight of all the hair on my pants sent me into a cleaning frenzy this morning. So maybe I should wear more fleece as a motivator! Haha… NO!

In addition to our young furry nuisance we also have a 9 year old mutt, named Doc, with a severe mommy complex.

When Cullen and I were dating and I would go over to his condo Doc would get so excited to see me he’d pee. Thankfully he’s grown out of that habit although I can’t sit on the floor without being mauled. He flops his body on top of me and whines like if I don’t pet him immediately he’ll keel over and kick it right on the spot. It’s a little pathetic but I find it endearing. Then Dragon comes in and invades his mommy time and the dog war begins. They fight for my love.

At this point in Doc’s life he is content just laying around most of the time though he does enjoy barking at the kids or anyone that comes into our house, chasing the four-wheeler and romping with Dragon. But mostly he just sleeps. I envy him.

Here’s Dragon looking longingly outside and then back at me.

“Hey Momma,” he’s saying, “do ya think you could open this door for me? I only open it when you’re not looking so that I can go harass the neighbors.” Yes, Dragon is a bit of an escape artist. He opens doors. Like I mentioned, he’s a furry nuisance. But I like his smarts.

One of the major problems with having dogs is the guilty feelings I get about whether they get enough exercise and time outside. They rarely get to go for walks because taking 2 kids, a stroller and 2 dogs for a walk isn’t as easy as it seems. Oh good, you agree that this scenario doesn’t seem easy at all. Thanks 😉 The great thing about Dragon is that I recently learned he loves to play fetch. Now I just stand my pregnant ass on the lawn, hit the tennis ball across the yard and let him do his thing. The only hiccup to this activity is that Doc grew up a city dog and never learned fetch. He prefers keep away which makes things difficult at times because my pregnant ass it NOT running after them. I’ve learned that having 3 balls when we go out to play is a must otherwise it’s just pointless. 1 for Doc to chew apart, 1 to play fetch with and 1 as a reserve to use once Doc steals the ball. It’s just a good thing my father-in-law is obsessed with tennis and a bit of a hoarder so I have access to tons and tons of old tennis balls. My yard is becoming a tennis ball graveyard.

Well, as I sit here on my ass and type about my dogs the guilt has built and now I must go hit the ball for the dogs. It’s February, unusually nice outside and sunny. Time to get a little vitamin D. I wonder if it’ll help boost my platelet levels…

Cheers to you! Enjoy the day.


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