Random Goodness


I know, this is not a post about the promised unicorn poop. Some days you just run out of time, ya know.

So I made these Rice Krispies Treat pops instead because they took a fraction of the time and I thought the neighbor boys would enjoy them.

Lilly thought they were cool but she strategically placed the treat in front of her face and refused to smile for me. Stinker!

This was a treat given to her last week by Grandma Maggie. She had no problem smiling for this one. Kids and their camera behavior. So unpredictable!

Here’s the self-declared princess on the way to preschool last week. She was a bit bummed that she had to leave her crown in the car. Please notice she is strategically avoiding eye contact with the camera. I tried a handful of times for eye contact but was denied each time. She looks pleased with herself, doesn’t she?

Odin in all his 2 year-old glory. Please notice the marker around his mouth. When I asked him if the marker tasted good he replied, “Yeshhh!”

And when I asked him just why in the heck there was marker all over the floor when I specifically told him markers are just for paper he gave me this look:

I think it says, “Ma, I’m 2. This is what I do.”

or maybe, “It wouldn’t be washable if it wasn’t made for other surfaces.”

or, “You’re the dumb-ass that let me color with it in the first place.”

That last one seems the most accurate, unfortunately.

If this post seemed a bit incoherent or incomplete or whatever it’s because I’m distracted. The Big Bang Theory is on right now and I can’t help but watch. We’ve only recently been turned on to this show and find it freaking hilarious! It’s really Cullen’s type of show. He’s a major nerd at heart.

Hope the pics made ya smile.



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