It’s Heeerrrrreeee!


My third trimester that is. And with it almost immediately came the indigestion that wakes me up in the middle of the night and the insomnia. Add a husband that crawls into bed late at night and kids that wake up in the wee hours and then again before the sun starts to creep into the sky and you have the formula for a cranky mommy. Yesterday when I woke up I felt like I had a hangover. Not cool my friends, not cool at all. It’s day 4 of my third trimester and day 4 of shitty sleep and it’s really catching up with me.


It’s a good thing that my kids absolutely adore their father and would rather he do everything for them. It gives me an out to be a tired mess without having to engage in tasks that would further crankify myself…sometimes. For instance, when Daddy is with us in the car I am not allowed to get either of the kids out of the car. They both want their Dad to get them out so I just sit there and watch him get one kid out and then walk around the car to retrieve the other. This tickles my fancy. Especially when Daddy is on the phone and carrying x,y,z and I’m just standing there watching the whole scenario play itself out. Mind you, if I try to help there is massive child resistance so it’s really not worth my effort.

In an effort to combat my feelings of exhaustion I am depending heavily on sugar and a little caffeine to get me through the days. This past week I made cupcakes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I also had additional reasons to make so many cupcakes besides just my fatigue; People in my life needed comforting, my cousin has asked me to make her wedding cupcakes and I had a party to go to Friday night. Yesterday I ate 3 cupcakes, a bunch of cookies and a bowl of ice cream plus drank a cup of coffee in an attempt to stay awake. I may have over did it a bit. But it got me through the day without a nap so I’m counting it as a win. Maybe I’ll just take a nap today and avoid stepping on the scale…

Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to join my kids now in zoning out to some Sunday morning boob-tube because I’m too tired to engage in meaningful interactions with them right now. Hey, at least I’m honest…

Good day to you.


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