The Magic of Disney


Two tickets to see Disney on Ice: $50

Parking: $13

Light-up whirligig toy and popcorn: $27

Lunch after the show: $18

Watching the magic of Disney reflected through the smiles and excitement of my daughter: Priceless

There’s some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Daddy’s credit card!


We had a great time at Disney on Ice. I’m pretty sure until we walked into the show Lilly thought we were seeing a movie despite the numerous times I explained that this was a different type of show where people dance on ice and you don’t need 3-D glasses.

I couldn’t walk past all the fun stuff without indulging my princess. Here she is with her new light-up toy.

The show followed three stories: The Princess and the Frog (which we’ve never watched), Cinderella and Tangled. The day before the show I bought Tangled and we watched it so at least that story was fresh in our minds. Of course that’s the skit that turned out to be Lilly’s favorite and mine too.

For the first skit the people with seats behind us hadn’t shown up yet which I was thankful for because Lilly couldn’t get enough of her toy. While the skaters were acting out The Princess and The Frog Lilly was alternating her attention between holding her toy up high and turning it on and watching the show.


We were pretty stoked to see Mickey and crew. Here they are introducing the next skit, Cinderella.


An afternoon with my sweet angle is never complete unless there are a few moments when her attitude flares. Here she is sitting during intermission. She got her panties in a twist because she didn’t have a snow cone like the girl sitting near us. What a deprived little girl! I must mention that she didn’t take a single bite of the popcorn she wanted. Don’t fret though, I certainly ate my fair share! Luckily by the end of intermission she pulled herself out of the funk.


She was all smiles when they acted out Tangled. She loved when the horse was chasing Flynn and Rapunzel because her favorite game is Run and Chase and she adores horses.


Just look at her reaction!


At the very end they brought out all the princesses for a cameo appearance. Lilly was thrilled to see Bell even if it was just for a quick couple minutes.


She was so happy I snagged a picture with her before her attitude changed and she became non-compliant. She really does not like picture taking as a general rule.


She finished the show singing along to the music even though she didn’t know the words. It was so cute!

Please take note of the face of her Doll in the lower corner of the picture. Rebecca accompanied us to the show at Lilly’s request but I’ll let you take one guess as to who had to carry her the ENTIRE time… Yup, folks, that would be yours truly.

The magic didn’t end after the show. I opened her eyes to the wonders of Potbelly with their delicious sandwiches and chocolate shakes. I like the middle picture. It’s her “Get-that-damn-camera-out-of-my-face” look.

42 seconds after I took these pictures her shake ended up on the ground. Luckily she’s not the type of kid to throw a fit over these sorts of things. Our motto has always been, “That happens” which has helped when unfortunate events arise (like when the dog eats our toys). We were asked if she wanted a new shake, an offer that I found extremely kind, but I had to decline because Lilly (and my ass) didn’t need any more so I just shared the rest of mine.


Back at home Lilly shared the magic of her day with her dog. I’m sure Dragon is just waiting for an opportunity to get his teeth on this toy.


And her brother.

It was a good day.

Next up: Monster Jam for the little boy. We’ll see if that goes over as well as Disney on Ice… I’m dubious.

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