Snowy, Family Fun


It was a fun, family filled weekend. Here’s a few snippets of our fun:

Lilly and Odin took little Fiver for a ‘walk’. He’s just getting his feet under him but his older cousins figured he could keep up with them and he certainly was up for the challenge…

… until he ate it. Please notice the smile on Odin’s face. I think he thought it was funny that Fiver fell over. (No children were harmed in the taking of these photos)

Saturday was spent at the Bailey grandparents’ house. Grandma Maggie let Lil help her roll out the cookie dough.

But just so everyone’s clear, she does not like having her picture taken. In the picture below she is refusing to look at me and the camera while lecturing me on this issue. Okay goon, go back to your baking!

Fiver’s first chocolate-chip cookie. He’s a fan of cookies and photos.

After cookie making the kids (big and little) went sledding. Uncle Robby had to bring O in after just one run down the hill. O is still sort of a sissy but he looks cute in his sledding get-up.

Fiver was a bit more excited about sledding, or at least hanging out with his dad.

Lilly was determined to take the hill like a champ.

Later in the day she also took the jump that her Daddy and Uncle made like a champ though I’m pretty sure she would have cried from the hard landing if they hadn’t been hooting and hollering at her for doing a great job.  She’s a tough cookie.

Fiver looks a little unsure about whether or not he enjoyed his first trip down the snow hill.

Cullen decided to snowboard down the hill on a sled. He made it just about all the way down…

…until Dragon (our nuisance of a dog) knocked him over and made him face plant. Funniest thing I saw all day!

Robert Raymond Bailey the III, IV and V all thought Cullen’s face-plant was amusing too.

Back inside Fiver went on an adventure over the truck and got stuck. I have the cutest nephew! He’s gonna be a little heart-breaker.

Here he is practicing his never-too-young-to-be-a-dirty-old -man look. He gets it from his grandpa. Sorry Kath, it’s in his genes 😉

Don’t worry though Kath, see Odin channels it too.

It’s exhausting having so much fun!

Good times! Hope you all had as much fun as we did this weekend.


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