Snowman Marshmallow Pops

Snowman Marshmallow Pops

Back in December I found these cute snowman marshmallow pops on Pinterest and was waiting for some snow to fall before I made them. This morning I figured it was time to make them now that we have substantial snow on the ground.

First, you skewer three marshmallows, dip them in white chocolate and then add an orange nose while the chocolate is still wet. I halved mini M&Ms for the noses.


Then, using a squeeze bottle filled with melted chocolate, I applied eyes, mouths and arms.

This is how the snowman marshmallow pops on Pinterest looked. They’re cute, but I thought they needed a little something.


So I added scarves.


Then packaged them up to bring to our family shin-dig today.


I’m pretty sure this little boy has a built-in homing device for all things sugary. He came home while I was in the middle of making the pops, walked in the kitchen, quickly snatched a skewer off the counter and adamantly refused to give it back. He didn’t even know what it was he was hoarding. So I let him eat it. Because I’m not turning down anyone with such blind faith in my confections and because I find it so hard to refuse those pleading blue eyes.





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