Quick and Delicious Snacky-snacks


Yesterday I made a few treats from makeandtakes.com that I found thanks to Pinterest. I love Pinterest by the way though I’m proud to say I’m not addicted to the site as may people find themselves. It’s a great place to steal ideas and I’m all about stealing other people’s ideas and passing them on.

Anyways, here’s what we made… and devoured:

These bad boys are Chewy Granola Bars. Super simple to make and super delicious. I didn’t exactly measure the honey and didn’t add enough so our bars crumbled but that didn’t stop the four of us from standing over the counter and annihilating them. (The pic is borrowed from makeandtakes.com because I was too busy eating them to take a pic!)

Oh peanut butter and chocolate. How I love you! In my world there are few combinations as wonderful as peanut butter and chocolate. This is another simple and amazing recipe from makeandtakes.com that I am working to add to my hips. Look up Chocolate and Peanut Butter on their site for the recipe. (Again the pic is borrowed from their site).

Just thought you might need some Bailey approved snack ideas that take a quick minute to whip together though there is about an hour that needs to pass before they can be consumed due to baking/cooling processes.


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