This is what came home today with Lilly from preschool. It’s all her artwork from this week and it’s only Wednesday, people!

At Montessori she gets to decide, at certain times during the school day, what she wants to work on. I’m pretty sure she usually picks something that’s art related. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

She makes a lot of drawings that look like the one above. She says this one is for Odin because there are a lot of ‘O’s. Awww, isn’t that sweet? Her free-hand drawings are cryptic. I always have to ask what it is that she drew.

Here she worked on her fine motor control by cutting paint samples apart. I hope her brother’s hair isn’t next!

Here she is learning about Asia and coloring the pictures. I must say her coloring has come a long way since she started preschool. Instead of just scribbling all over she takes the time to try and stay in the lines. It makes viewing her work much more enjoyable, don’t you agree?

And here is some art using a spinning contraption and some paint. This is new since Winter Break and she loves it. I think she makes 2 per day. My collection of spin art in rapidly increasing. Anyone want any? No? Huh…

Here’s my issue.

Though I should say that it has nothing to do with the fact that she gets to partake in all these types of activities in school. That part is wonderful!

Really it’s a personal issue that I have.

Don’t be scared. It’s a little issue. We can call it a dilemma if that makes you feel better. Or even inner conflict. Can we move on? We probably should.

Basically, I feel guilty throwing away her work.  It’s not that I’m hoarding all the stuff she brings home. I look at it. I also ask her about it. Then I let it sit on the counter for a few days before I secretly throw it away when she’s not looking. Gah! The guilt is bubbling to the surface as I type. I think maybe it’s the secretive throwing away of the work she’s proud of that gets me. Should I ask her if it’s okay to throw away her art? Should I let her throw it away when she’s ready? Should I buy a huge plastic bin and save it all? Should I fold each piece of art a hundred times and make the world’s longest origami snake out of it?  Is the answer to this written in some handbook I never received? Am I over-thinking this issue? Probably. Hey, at least I was able to answer one of the questions.

I guess I needed to showcase her artwork to you all so that I feel less guilty about throwing it away eventually. Now not only has mommy and daddy enjoyed her work but whoever it is that reads this silly blog has too.

And just for the record, I do save certain things she brings home. I’m not a heartless parent. I swear!

Someone save me from myself already.

Okay, therapy session is ending.

Thanks again!

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  1. Here’s an idea… Get her a tack board for her bedroom (or some place in the house) and she can display her favorite pieces of art on it. Once it’s full she has to decide which one has to go in order to replace the next great piece of art. Then technically she is deciding and not you… just a thought

    • Yeah, I’ve been planning on putting up some kind of line with cute clothes pins in her room so she can display her art and then when she needs to cycle new stuff in she’ll decide what gets stored in a bin and what gets tossed. I need to stop the ‘planning’ and just do it already!

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