20 degrees and windy. A perfect day for sledding!


Grandma Anke called yesterday and said, “Bring those kids over tomorrow and we’ll go sledding!”

“Ten-Four good Mother, we’ll be there!” was my response. Well, maybe not exactly in those words but I’ve reprogrammed my memory so that this is how it went down. I’m sure it’s close to the truth. Kinda.

So anyways, today, atop the highest hill in Woodstock, Grandma Anke took Lilly and Odin sledding. It was 20 degrees and windy as heck. You can tell she’s been around the block a time or two because she had the good sense to make Grandpa tie rope to the tubes. It helped her haul those sacks of potatoes, I mean my kids, back up the hill and it also kept the tubes from ending up in the semi-frozen pond. Due to my physical state I sat my ass in the warm car and waited for the first kid to tap out.

After the first trip down I saw Grandma having a hard time coaxing O back onto the tube with her so I walked out, tied a scarf around his neck and pushed them down the hill once more.

Lilly jumped on her tube and followed suit. O was done after that, though Grandma swears he had fun.

I retired to the warm truck with my little man and Lilly continued punishing Grandma Anke on the hill for another 20 minutes. 

That gave me and O time to warm up,

yell “Hello” to the other sledders,

eat some mixed nuts

and have a photo shoot where Odin was more concerned with where “Gamma Ahn-day” (Anke in Odin speech) was instead of smiling for the camera.


Soon enough Grandma towed Lilly back to the truck and they flopped in with contented looks on their faces and extremely red cheeks.

We rode back to Grandma’s and as it turns out we weren’t the only ones having fun in the snow. Grandpa Frank was pushing the snow blower and yelling obscenities.

Good times!


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