A gem of a girl


I know one other person who cold rock this outfit as confidently as Lil did all day…and she’s slightly color blind. Yes Jana, it’s you.  And no it was not “wear a crazy outfit to school day”.  My kid is just that cool. Or crazy. Or free-spirited. Or maybe she too is color blind… Either way, I like it. Her brother, on the other hand, didn’t seem to like the outfit as much.

In other news, I found this gem in Lilly’s backpack this morning. It’s Lilly’s first narrative, written down by her teacher, accompanied by a picture. I recall Lil saying a few days back that her friend, Emma, “learned” her to draw the horses. It’s interesting how after a few days, Lilly’s previous comments and discussions make a whole lot more sense to me.

The story goes:

There were two horses. They ran super fast. They ran with their family. Those two horses looked both ways and saw a man. They said, “Nay, we live here. This is our home.” A nice man came and “petted” them. A big dinosaur came and “fighted” with the horses. -The End




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