The day in a nutshell: pain, prepping, more pain


Odin is two. He’s a little man-boy now with his own ideas of how things should work. For instance, he thinks that any toy his sister is playing with is fair game to be stolen away and hoarded. He also thinks that if said sister tries to get back what was rightfully hers it is okay to chomp down on her back with all his might until she screams, cries and gives up what he wants. In truth, it’s an extremely effective method and I can see why he continues this behavior. For his sister’s sake I’m trying desperately to squash it.

Being bitten is NOT fun. Just ask Lilly.

I feel the need to mention at this point in time that Lilly used to be a bitter. I remember one incident in particular. We were at our friend’s house in Chicago. She bit a little boy she didn’t know. Hard. On the face.  I die a little inside every time I think of it. Karma anybody? Just sayin’.

Moving on…

Rumor has it we’re actually going to see a little snow. I’m all ready for it. I spent the last two days prepping the outside by cleaning up the clutter left over from the warmer months. Really people, this should have been done two months ago. Thank you weather for staying mild until I had the time to properly prepare for winter. The flower pots are emptied and stacked, the yard tools are put away, the dogs’/kids’/husband’s toys have vacated the yard although you can still find dog poop in abundance (I’m not perfect after all!), the Christmas lights and extension cords that could be taken down without the use of a ladder are packed away, the hoses are rolled up, and the general bullshit laying around the place has been put/thrown away.

Thank you for reading that written pat on the back I just gave myself. I needed it.

Below is a pic from the first snowfall we had last year. It was December 4th. Dragon was so small!

My yard may be ready but physically I am so not ready for snow. A month ago I would have been running around in the yard frolicking with the dogs and kids. Currently though I am suffering from what is called Pelvic Girdle Pain (yes, I self diagnosed myself but have talked to my obgyn about it in the past.) I get it during and after my pregnancies and it makes everyday activities like walking, laying down, lifting etc. very painful. Household chores certainly don’t help but that’s what my days are filled with. Could someone please explain to me how the hell I’m suppose to “take it easy” as everyone keeps telling me to do when the house turns into a disgusting pit within two days and there are two kids and two dogs under my charge? Basically it feels like my groin area is on fire all the time. That being the case, I’m not looking forward to heavy boots, slippery driveways and the kids can just forget about sledding. I couldn’t even take the kids and dogs for a four-wheeler ride today. And that all makes me ridiculously sad. They love going on bear hunts behind our house in the snow and the dogs live for their runs. So, snow, we’ve missed you so far this winter but I’m just not certain I’ll be enjoying you once you finally make an appearance though you really do make the world prettier to look at.

And thank you people for reading through my pity party. I’ll try to keep these on lock down.

And as I proof read this post I do realize that all the outdoor prep work I did over the past 2 days does not help my physical situation. Sometimes shit just needs to get done and the little gnome I had locked away to perform these chores disappeared. Plus I’m a glutton for punishment. But at this point in our relationship you should already know this about me.

Okay, that’s all. For real. I’ll shut up now and go eat some ice cream. It’ll make me feel better about myself.



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