Highly Scientific Cake Research


The kids and I have just finished conducting some  research for the betterment of our household and wish to share our important results with you. We unanimously agree, along with our tummies, that 5 day old birthday cake is still delicious and worth consuming. The exposed cake pieces were a bit on the dry side but that can’t really be helped. The inside was still moist and fluffy and that’s what really counts. Here are some pics of the taste-testers in action:

I may or may not have consumed too much of the leftovers and now I may or may not be feeling sick to my stomach…There’s this idea called portion control. I haven’t quite gotten a grasp on that yet.

The kids, on the other hand, are extremely chipper and are suffering no ill effects from their cake consumption.

Nap time: 1 hour and counting!

Are you laughing at me yet?

Foolish mother.



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