Scar, Simba, Lion and The Grinch have left the building…


It was a sad few minutes as Lilly’s imaginary friends high-tailed it out of here this evening. I had a mopey little girl on my hands until I informed her that they were always welcome to come back and that she should keep her eyes out for any other friends that come to visit.

Voila! New friends showed up immediately. We now welcome Kenai, Koda and Koda’s mom into our home.

Wait, wait, wait. This just in! Simba is back and Koda brought along a few sisters. My house is becoming the local hangout for Lilly’s imaginary character friends. What I find amusing is that all these characters showed up in the last week or so after our DVD player broke. She hasn’t watched a movie in weeks. I like where this is going though it’s hard to keep track of it all.

I just asked Odin if he too had imaginary friends that showed up. He said “Yes” and when I followed up with asking who it was that showed up he responded with “Daddy”. He doesn’t quite get it yet. Keep trying little man!




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