Some pics from Odin’s big day


Who doesn’t love farm animal pancakes for lunch? (cow, pig, chicken)

His train cakes. Decorated them in 30 minutes. What a slop job! Turns out, kids don’t give a shit so long as it tastes good!

Thomas book

He’s thinking: “Why does my mom suck at singing so much as how long is this stupid song anyways?”

Son, you must endure the pain to enjoy my sugary concoctions, even if it is your birthday.

O was in heaven having 3 older boys plus two girls to run around with all afternoon and shoot at each other. The party should have been war themed instead of train themed. He fell asleep tonight in 30 seconds flat. New record!

Lilly couldn’t wait for O to open his gift from us. It then took Daddy FOREVER to assemble it with all the stickers and such. All in all, it was a great day. I’m EXHAUSTED and going to sleep now. Please son, give your mama a birthday gift and sleep through the night. Please!


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