2 Years Ago Today…


I brought this little bugger into the world. 2 pushes and he was out. The doctor immediately held my bright red baby boy upside-down by one foot with the umbilical cord still attached and I had no choice but to agree to the middle name of Greystoke. That’s Tarzan’s proper name for all of you out there that didn’t grow up with a Tarzan addiction like my husband.

These two became instant friends:

Odin taught Lilly how to snuggle, that people give you a lot of attention if you freely hug and kiss them and that going to sleep easily makes Mommy and Daddy very happy. Odin proved to me that there is a significant difference between a Bailey butt and a Dougherty butt. Poor Lilly. She also got Daddy’s crooked Irish toes whereas Odin got my beautiful tootsies. Such a lucky boy   😉

It’s been a fun 2 years with this little bugger. He makes me laugh daily (for now we’ll not mention the parts of the day where he makes me crazy too) and reminds me often that getting down on his level to play is what it’s all about. He also lets me know when I’m talking too much and gracefully puts his finger over my lips to shut me up and then grabs my hand to lead me to where he wants me to be. Yes child, I am you servant. Do with me what you will.

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet boy! I love you more than you’ll ever know.

And they are still the best of friends:

Once more for comparison sake:




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