A present from my Pops


My Dad is the handy-man type. He was a carpenter for some years and as such he likes to make things. Growing up we use to hand Dad our project assignments the night before they were due and he’d come to our rescue and pull together an awesome project. I’m sure our teachers questioned on various occasions whose craftsmanship  they were actually grading because there is no way that a 3rd grader could make a drum out of leather (from his workout bench) a coffee can, and string. Kelly taped two plastic cups together full of beans.  It was an awesome drum for the record and I had it up until this year when my puppy chewed it up. Damn dog.

Anyways, this weekend my Dad gave me this box. He had made a larger box for my brother for Christmas and I think he saw the jealousy in my eyes and appreciated all my praise so he made me one too. It’s a recipe box. Could it be any more perfect for me? Didn’t think so. I think I’m going to get him to make Odin a chest for all his Match Box cars and trains complete with a safety latch so his little fingers don’t get smashed. Maybe with wheels too… I like thinking up projects for my Dad. He needs something to keep his mind busy these days.



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