The product of a 3 year old’s imagination…



Meet Lilly’s invisible friends, Simba and Scar. Last week she was pretending to be Simba and made us all call her such. She’d sternly correct us if we called her by her human name and not her imaginary name. A few days ago she transitioned back to Lilly and now has some imaginary tag-alongs. They accompany her wherever she goes unless she decides that they have to stay in the car and don’t you dare close the car door before they have gotten in/out. She bosses them around. A lot. Better them than us though! I think she’s learning that all she gets when she bosses us around is trouble. That prefrontal lobe must be developing a little. She probably makes them do all the things she wishes she could make Odin do. As for Odin, he probably just thinks his sister is silly, talking to herself and all.

Speaking of silly, have I mentioned how much Odin loves to be naked? It makes him infinitely happier to be in his birthday suit and will do anything to be in that state. That being the case, tonight at dinner Cullen decided to use O’s nudist love as a bargaining chip to get him to eat his dinner. One bite = the removal of one piece of clothing. Now that I type this out it sounds kinda weird, creepy even, but let me just say that it was freakin’  hilarious and it got Odin to eat all his grub which is all I cared about. Bottom line: everyone was happy…and fed. And then he ran around like the crazy nudist he is. I fear he’s going to have a history of streaking like his father.






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