The past few weeks I’ve learned:


1. 377 days in between date night with your husband is too long, even if said date night is just dinner together followed by grocery shopping. This year we’re gonna shoot for once a month since, as it turns out, I really like the guy.

2. I over-commit. A lot.

3. I need to schedule in a down day during the week and keep it that way even if a potential activity arises. (See #2)

4. Hiring someone to help out during a big party means I get to enjoy the party too. Thank you mother-in-law for your wisdom.

5. I can’t read Frankenstein when I’m tired.

6. I only get around to reading at night, at which point I’m usually very tired.

7. Frankenstein may not get finished in time for book club on the 12th though I have enjoyed what I’ve read thus far.

8. Puking while pregnant hurts the belly. I’m still recovering from last night’s issues.

9. You know you’ve found a great blueberry muffin recipe when people still happily eat them after they’ve baked too long because your stink factor forced you into the shower before the muffins were out of the oven.

10. Hoarding a Wendy’s Frosty in the freezer and taking bites when stressed is a good coping strategy.

11. Typing about the Wendy’s Frosty in the freezer makes me crave it… I need to go now.



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