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The Magic of Disney


Two tickets to see Disney on Ice: $50

Parking: $13

Light-up whirligig toy and popcorn: $27

Lunch after the show: $18

Watching the magic of Disney reflected through the smiles and excitement of my daughter: Priceless

There’s some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Daddy’s credit card!


We had a great time at Disney on Ice. I’m pretty sure until we walked into the show Lilly thought we were seeing a movie despite the numerous times I explained that this was a different type of show where people dance on ice and you don’t need 3-D glasses.

I couldn’t walk past all the fun stuff without indulging my princess. Here she is with her new light-up toy.

The show followed three stories: The Princess and the Frog (which we’ve never watched), Cinderella and Tangled. The day before the show I bought Tangled and we watched it so at least that story was fresh in our minds. Of course that’s the skit that turned out to be Lilly’s favorite and mine too.

For the first skit the people with seats behind us hadn’t shown up yet which I was thankful for because Lilly couldn’t get enough of her toy. While the skaters were acting out The Princess and The Frog Lilly was alternating her attention between holding her toy up high and turning it on and watching the show.


We were pretty stoked to see Mickey and crew. Here they are introducing the next skit, Cinderella.


An afternoon with my sweet angle is never complete unless there are a few moments when her attitude flares. Here she is sitting during intermission. She got her panties in a twist because she didn’t have a snow cone like the girl sitting near us. What a deprived little girl! I must mention that she didn’t take a single bite of the popcorn she wanted. Don’t fret though, I certainly ate my fair share! Luckily by the end of intermission she pulled herself out of the funk.


She was all smiles when they acted out Tangled. She loved when the horse was chasing Flynn and Rapunzel because her favorite game is Run and Chase and she adores horses.


Just look at her reaction!


At the very end they brought out all the princesses for a cameo appearance. Lilly was thrilled to see Bell even if it was just for a quick couple minutes.


She was so happy I snagged a picture with her before her attitude changed and she became non-compliant. She really does not like picture taking as a general rule.


She finished the show singing along to the music even though she didn’t know the words. It was so cute!

Please take note of the face of her Doll in the lower corner of the picture. Rebecca accompanied us to the show at Lilly’s request but I’ll let you take one guess as to who had to carry her the ENTIRE time… Yup, folks, that would be yours truly.

The magic didn’t end after the show. I opened her eyes to the wonders of Potbelly with their delicious sandwiches and chocolate shakes. I like the middle picture. It’s her “Get-that-damn-camera-out-of-my-face” look.

42 seconds after I took these pictures her shake ended up on the ground. Luckily she’s not the type of kid to throw a fit over these sorts of things. Our motto has always been, “That happens” which has helped when unfortunate events arise (like when the dog eats our toys). We were asked if she wanted a new shake, an offer that I found extremely kind, but I had to decline because Lilly (and my ass) didn’t need any more so I just shared the rest of mine.


Back at home Lilly shared the magic of her day with her dog. I’m sure Dragon is just waiting for an opportunity to get his teeth on this toy.


And her brother.

It was a good day.

Next up: Monster Jam for the little boy. We’ll see if that goes over as well as Disney on Ice… I’m dubious.

Nappy-ass Horse Hair


Santa thought it was a good idea to get the kids horses for Christmas. Not real ones! I’m not on crack after all. These are large play horses that the kids can use to give their dolls/babies/stuffed animals a ride etc. Odin just likes to throw his down the basement steps. Today while Odin napped Lilly asked if I’d play with them with her. Of course I obliged. I started playing with Odin’s horse with the nice blonde mane. I brushed it’s hair, fed it a carrot and then decided to practice some different types of braids. It was a pretty successful venture. I was feeling happy and accomplished.


But then I looked over at Lilly who wanted to show me what she was doing with her horse’s hair. Essentially she was tangling the hell out of it. I couldn’t handle this and took the horse and attempted to brush the tail hair. I’m not sure why, but the texture of Lilly’s horse’s hair is not as fine and nice as Odin’s. Probably because it’s been abused by a three year old who thinks she’s a styling genius as she gets the little plastic brush stuck in the long black hair. I’m cringing in my heart just thinking about it. I try to let her play with my hair sometimes and make it .3 seconds before I freak out and make her stop.

Anyways, back to brushing this black Stallion’s bullshit hair. Untangling knots is something I’m typically very good at and take pride in my skills at doing such which is why I was getting so pissed off. Basically I spent 15 minutes working myself into a frenzy trying to untangle the mess.  No matter the technique I used the hair would not untangle. What the f***! I threw the damn plastic toy brush across the floor and answered a phone call. When I returned I was refocused and determined to figure out the nappy mess before me. I ripped the shit out of that horse’s tail hair working up a sweat in the process (that fact is slightly embarrassing) to no avail at which point Odin woke up from his nap. I brought him downstairs and he sat on my lap (which is shrinking by the day) while I ripped three chucks apart from the one main mass, braided that crap and called it a day.

I wish I had a picture of what this tail looked like before the braid but unfortunately I was in too much of a tizzy to think about documenting this disaster as it played out.

Do you recall those accomplished feelings I had after braiding the blonde horse’s hair? Yeah, needless to say they had evaporated. What brought back those happy feelings was this:


A little girl concerned for her dog who was suffering the effects of having his root canal filled this afternoon.

And this:

A little boy who found it very amusing to view the world in shades of blue. It made me extra cheery that he preferred to view things through his blue water bottle instead of his sister’s pink one. Just saying…

Just another day in the life of a Stay-at-home Mama. Cheers!

Snowman Marshmallow Pops

Snowman Marshmallow Pops

Back in December I found these cute snowman marshmallow pops on Pinterest and was waiting for some snow to fall before I made them. This morning I figured it was time to make them now that we have substantial snow on the ground.

First, you skewer three marshmallows, dip them in white chocolate and then add an orange nose while the chocolate is still wet. I halved mini M&Ms for the noses.


Then, using a squeeze bottle filled with melted chocolate, I applied eyes, mouths and arms.

This is how the snowman marshmallow pops on Pinterest looked. They’re cute, but I thought they needed a little something.


So I added scarves.


Then packaged them up to bring to our family shin-dig today.


I’m pretty sure this little boy has a built-in homing device for all things sugary. He came home while I was in the middle of making the pops, walked in the kitchen, quickly snatched a skewer off the counter and adamantly refused to give it back. He didn’t even know what it was he was hoarding. So I let him eat it. Because I’m not turning down anyone with such blind faith in my confections and because I find it so hard to refuse those pleading blue eyes.




Snowy, Family Fun


It was a fun, family filled weekend. Here’s a few snippets of our fun:

Lilly and Odin took little Fiver for a ‘walk’. He’s just getting his feet under him but his older cousins figured he could keep up with them and he certainly was up for the challenge…

… until he ate it. Please notice the smile on Odin’s face. I think he thought it was funny that Fiver fell over. (No children were harmed in the taking of these photos)

Saturday was spent at the Bailey grandparents’ house. Grandma Maggie let Lil help her roll out the cookie dough.

But just so everyone’s clear, she does not like having her picture taken. In the picture below she is refusing to look at me and the camera while lecturing me on this issue. Okay goon, go back to your baking!

Fiver’s first chocolate-chip cookie. He’s a fan of cookies and photos.

After cookie making the kids (big and little) went sledding. Uncle Robby had to bring O in after just one run down the hill. O is still sort of a sissy but he looks cute in his sledding get-up.

Fiver was a bit more excited about sledding, or at least hanging out with his dad.

Lilly was determined to take the hill like a champ.

Later in the day she also took the jump that her Daddy and Uncle made like a champ though I’m pretty sure she would have cried from the hard landing if they hadn’t been hooting and hollering at her for doing a great job.  She’s a tough cookie.

Fiver looks a little unsure about whether or not he enjoyed his first trip down the snow hill.

Cullen decided to snowboard down the hill on a sled. He made it just about all the way down…

…until Dragon (our nuisance of a dog) knocked him over and made him face plant. Funniest thing I saw all day!

Robert Raymond Bailey the III, IV and V all thought Cullen’s face-plant was amusing too.

Back inside Fiver went on an adventure over the truck and got stuck. I have the cutest nephew! He’s gonna be a little heart-breaker.

Here he is practicing his never-too-young-to-be-a-dirty-old -man look. He gets it from his grandpa. Sorry Kath, it’s in his genes 😉

Don’t worry though Kath, see Odin channels it too.

It’s exhausting having so much fun!

Good times! Hope you all had as much fun as we did this weekend.



It’s nights like these that I miss the freedom that I had before kids. The type of freedom that allowed me to go driving with Cullen in his truck on snowy nights when most people hole up in their houses and wait for the roads to be plowed and salted. We’d go out and do doughnuts wherever we could and fishtail around all the curves, not because our truck couldn’t handle the weather but because it was fun. It’s still fun, damnit, which is why that is exactly what Cullen is out doing right now but with our neighbor in the passenger seat instead of me. Sigh. I just hope I don’t get a call saying they’re in a ditch…or jail…

I’ve decided that when my kids are older, like driving age older, Cullen and I are going to go out driving during big snows and make them stay at home. I mean, it’ll be much too dangerous for them but it’s perfectly acceptable for us. Our prefrontal lobes are fully developed after all. They’ll have to wait another 8 years or so until theirs catch up and are able to conduct a sound risk-analysis of any given situation. I’m looking forward to their protests and complaints and being called a hypocrite for doing some of the things I won’t let them do. That’s what’s so great about being a parent. To a certain extent the whole “because I said so and I’m older” excuse works…I think.

At least in my head it works and if you’ve parented teens and know I’m being delusional please don’t feel the need to correct me because I like how it goes down in my head. I fear reality will shake me out of my dreamland too soon anyways. I think I’ll just stay in my naive happy place for a while longer, thank you very much.

Any ways, to recap, this is what I’ve decided tonight:

1. Recklessly driving in the snow is fun and I miss it and will continue to do so for the next 15 odd years while Cullen tells me stories of his reckless behavior.

2. Parents are allowed to be hypocrites on occasion because the risk-analysis portion of our brains has been fully developed. (Yes, I’m aware that “fully developed” is not always synonymous with “works adequately”, but for my argument it’s an erroneous detail.)

Bump update


Hello friends. Today I’m 26 weeks preggo and found myself in the same shirt as that last picture I posted of my developing belly at 21 weeks so I figured, let’s do it again 🙂 Please ignore the color contrasts. Same spot in the house but probably different times of day. I wonder if this red shirt (which is not a maternity shirt) will contain me in another 5 weeks… Just 14 more weeks to go! I’m gonna get huge…


Quick and Delicious Snacky-snacks


Yesterday I made a few treats from that I found thanks to Pinterest. I love Pinterest by the way though I’m proud to say I’m not addicted to the site as may people find themselves. It’s a great place to steal ideas and I’m all about stealing other people’s ideas and passing them on.

Anyways, here’s what we made… and devoured:

These bad boys are Chewy Granola Bars. Super simple to make and super delicious. I didn’t exactly measure the honey and didn’t add enough so our bars crumbled but that didn’t stop the four of us from standing over the counter and annihilating them. (The pic is borrowed from because I was too busy eating them to take a pic!)

Oh peanut butter and chocolate. How I love you! In my world there are few combinations as wonderful as peanut butter and chocolate. This is another simple and amazing recipe from that I am working to add to my hips. Look up Chocolate and Peanut Butter on their site for the recipe. (Again the pic is borrowed from their site).

Just thought you might need some Bailey approved snack ideas that take a quick minute to whip together though there is about an hour that needs to pass before they can be consumed due to baking/cooling processes.



This is what came home today with Lilly from preschool. It’s all her artwork from this week and it’s only Wednesday, people!

At Montessori she gets to decide, at certain times during the school day, what she wants to work on. I’m pretty sure she usually picks something that’s art related. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

She makes a lot of drawings that look like the one above. She says this one is for Odin because there are a lot of ‘O’s. Awww, isn’t that sweet? Her free-hand drawings are cryptic. I always have to ask what it is that she drew.

Here she worked on her fine motor control by cutting paint samples apart. I hope her brother’s hair isn’t next!

Here she is learning about Asia and coloring the pictures. I must say her coloring has come a long way since she started preschool. Instead of just scribbling all over she takes the time to try and stay in the lines. It makes viewing her work much more enjoyable, don’t you agree?

And here is some art using a spinning contraption and some paint. This is new since Winter Break and she loves it. I think she makes 2 per day. My collection of spin art in rapidly increasing. Anyone want any? No? Huh…

Here’s my issue.

Though I should say that it has nothing to do with the fact that she gets to partake in all these types of activities in school. That part is wonderful!

Really it’s a personal issue that I have.

Don’t be scared. It’s a little issue. We can call it a dilemma if that makes you feel better. Or even inner conflict. Can we move on? We probably should.

Basically, I feel guilty throwing away her work.  It’s not that I’m hoarding all the stuff she brings home. I look at it. I also ask her about it. Then I let it sit on the counter for a few days before I secretly throw it away when she’s not looking. Gah! The guilt is bubbling to the surface as I type. I think maybe it’s the secretive throwing away of the work she’s proud of that gets me. Should I ask her if it’s okay to throw away her art? Should I let her throw it away when she’s ready? Should I buy a huge plastic bin and save it all? Should I fold each piece of art a hundred times and make the world’s longest origami snake out of it?  Is the answer to this written in some handbook I never received? Am I over-thinking this issue? Probably. Hey, at least I was able to answer one of the questions.

I guess I needed to showcase her artwork to you all so that I feel less guilty about throwing it away eventually. Now not only has mommy and daddy enjoyed her work but whoever it is that reads this silly blog has too.

And just for the record, I do save certain things she brings home. I’m not a heartless parent. I swear!

Someone save me from myself already.

Okay, therapy session is ending.

Thanks again!

20 degrees and windy. A perfect day for sledding!


Grandma Anke called yesterday and said, “Bring those kids over tomorrow and we’ll go sledding!”

“Ten-Four good Mother, we’ll be there!” was my response. Well, maybe not exactly in those words but I’ve reprogrammed my memory so that this is how it went down. I’m sure it’s close to the truth. Kinda.

So anyways, today, atop the highest hill in Woodstock, Grandma Anke took Lilly and Odin sledding. It was 20 degrees and windy as heck. You can tell she’s been around the block a time or two because she had the good sense to make Grandpa tie rope to the tubes. It helped her haul those sacks of potatoes, I mean my kids, back up the hill and it also kept the tubes from ending up in the semi-frozen pond. Due to my physical state I sat my ass in the warm car and waited for the first kid to tap out.

After the first trip down I saw Grandma having a hard time coaxing O back onto the tube with her so I walked out, tied a scarf around his neck and pushed them down the hill once more.

Lilly jumped on her tube and followed suit. O was done after that, though Grandma swears he had fun.

I retired to the warm truck with my little man and Lilly continued punishing Grandma Anke on the hill for another 20 minutes. 

That gave me and O time to warm up,

yell “Hello” to the other sledders,

eat some mixed nuts

and have a photo shoot where Odin was more concerned with where “Gamma Ahn-day” (Anke in Odin speech) was instead of smiling for the camera.


Soon enough Grandma towed Lilly back to the truck and they flopped in with contented looks on their faces and extremely red cheeks.

We rode back to Grandma’s and as it turns out we weren’t the only ones having fun in the snow. Grandpa Frank was pushing the snow blower and yelling obscenities.

Good times!

A gem of a girl


I know one other person who cold rock this outfit as confidently as Lil did all day…and she’s slightly color blind. Yes Jana, it’s you.  And no it was not “wear a crazy outfit to school day”.  My kid is just that cool. Or crazy. Or free-spirited. Or maybe she too is color blind… Either way, I like it. Her brother, on the other hand, didn’t seem to like the outfit as much.

In other news, I found this gem in Lilly’s backpack this morning. It’s Lilly’s first narrative, written down by her teacher, accompanied by a picture. I recall Lil saying a few days back that her friend, Emma, “learned” her to draw the horses. It’s interesting how after a few days, Lilly’s previous comments and discussions make a whole lot more sense to me.

The story goes:

There were two horses. They ran super fast. They ran with their family. Those two horses looked both ways and saw a man. They said, “Nay, we live here. This is our home.” A nice man came and “petted” them. A big dinosaur came and “fighted” with the horses. -The End