Who’s hosting this thing?


We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family on the eve of Christmas Eve. So that’s Friday the 23rd if that was too complicated for ya. After making a quick visit to the hospital where my dad was being diagnosed with colitis (no biggie, he’s doing much better though he missed the whole holiday) and Walmart to pick up a rotisserie chicken for all those who wouldn’t eat rouladen (a classic german dish) we arrived at my mom’s house to find it not quite ready for the party. My mom is much better at the social aspects of a party than the prep. To her defense, my dad is usually around to cook and help clean and obviously he was out of the equation this year so there was just too much for one person to do.

So, when we arrived I took over the cooking, sent my mom upstairs to ready herself and the gifts that we’re wrapped yet, set out appetizers, organized the desserts, tables and chairs, organized the ornament exchange and attempted to socialize. My SIL helped whenever I could delegate something to her so that was awesome. Basically I took over hosting duties which my mom was appreciative of. I think I’ll host at my house next time. It’ll be much less stressful…I think.

In spite of the craziness, I did manage to have some fun though I don’t feel I was able to hang out with everyone as much as I would have liked. That happens though. I’ll stop detailing the logistics and just show ya some fun pics. Thanks for sticking with me through this posting 🙂

The first gift O opened. A Bears sweatshirt from Uncle Brenden. Do you think he liked it?











L opening all her baby gear from G-ma Anke and drinking hot cocoa out of her new mug.












My Grammy was a trooper listening to all Cullen’s shenanigans. This picture sums it all up. I think he even threatened to fight her over some chocolate cheesecake or something. I’d put money on my Grammy though. She’s one tough cookie.


























The ornament exchange was the most fun. I found some awesome ornaments at Flowerwood nursery in Crystal Lake so there was a lot of stealing of ornaments going on. Here are some of the highlights:

Chace ended up with a sleigh. Boring! No one stole his. No one stole Brenden’s cheap-o stocking that he picked. We all got a good laugh out of that too since it was Kelly who bought the stocking ornament so that Brenden could participate anyways.


Lilly was excited for Grandma Anke’s Snowman and Anke was okay with it.

Cullen stole the reindeer riding an ATV from Uncle Jim who ended up with a gold star. Jim was not thrilled, but Cullen was!

Kelly got the frog.

Kath got the squirrel. It’s a goofy pine cone squirrel that I thought was cool but everyone else made fun of it. Maybe I have questionable taste in ornaments…

Nick was happy that Jen ended up with the Santa and Mrs. Clause riding a motorcycle.

And after Anke had the Santa stolen from her she ended up with something crappy. I  don’t remember what it was but by her facial expression it must have been pretty great.

Basically the ornament exchange brought a lot of needed laughs. We’ll do it again next year for sure!


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