A Santa visit of epic proportions


Do we all recall how the first Santa visit this year went? I’ll remind you. It started with a 45 minute wait in 25 degree weather not wearing appropriate clothing for the cold and ended with the fastest 100 yard dash by a toddler to date. It was hilarious and sad at the same time.

Sunday the extended Bailey Family had brunch with Santa at the Crystal Lake Country Club. Lilly and Odin were so excited for round 2 of Santa and kept peeking around the corner into the room he was sitting in and then squealing. It was entertaining. And then the incredible happened















She sat on Santa’s lap, told him what she wanted and thanked him nicely for the gift. What a 180 degree change. Mama was proud! Odin on the other hand needed daddy’s assistance but hey, they kid is just barely 2. We’ll give him another year or so to put on the brave face.









These girls are old pros at sitting on Santa’s lap. Instead of individually sitting on Santa’s lap, this year they all stood around Santa and took a photo as Santa made incredibly inappropriate jokes. I have video. It was Epic!

What was also epic was:

the amount of chocolate milk Odin consumed in and hour








the entertainment value of my kids pretending to be dinosaurs and growling at everyone in a country club setting









Fiver’s love for lemons without reacting to the tartness









Dena’s tongue story (not a conversation appropriate for a country club which is why it was told. We’re an inappropriate bunch)








And a joking grope that got a little more than expected









You may feel that the word epic is too strong a word for these events but it’s my blog and I’ll say what I want 😉

Breakfast with Santa is a highlight every year and this year didn’t disappoint. It was especially nice since it was my birthday and I was able to gorge myself on multiple (I’m not telling how many) plates of food without having to cook or clean. The best birthday present ever for a mom!!!


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