Wheeling the day away




What’s better than spending a morning at a cookie exchange gorging on goodies?…









Spending an afternoon rollerskating! (Please notice the holiday shirt with the skirt that Aunt Pierce got Lilly into! It’s a Christmas miracle!!!)











Odin lasted a few laps in the stroller before he told me to bugger off and get him a pair of skates, damn it all. (And yes, I bladed too… gasp!)











He did amazingly well and ditched the tripod for a bit. What a natural athlete! He must get it from his mama šŸ˜‰









What these pictures fail to show is the kiddos’ meltdowns and the lack of attendance from the multiple moms groups that were invited to participate in this Stroller Skate. The owner wasn’t thrilled that there were just 4 moms that showed up to skate but he was a douche, so whatever. We had fun having the rink to ourselves for an hour and a half though I’m not sure we’ll be organizing this shin-dig again.

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