Baileys Bake… and send ourselves into gleeful sugar comas.












Every baker needs her own spatula and apron. My Aunt TC got Lilly this for Christmas. It’s got a pretty sweet bakers hat that I can’t get her to wear. If I ever do you’re certain to see a pic of it. I promise!









She helped me make these mini treats. So cute! You just can’t resist popping one of these little buggers into your mouth.










When O woke from his nap they couldn’t resist a Nutella snack. Who knew they made a Nutella snack pack?!? Thanks Aunt TC!

Aside from the mini sugar cookies we made on Monday I also made 4 dozen larger sized Christmas cookies for a friend’s Christmas party and for Lilly’s teachers along with 4 dozen spiral cookies for my MIL’s cookie exchange.









This is my tin of goodies from the exchange. My cookies were the Christmas spirals that you can see in the top left of the tin. I’m having a great time digging through all these goodies. Sorry, baby, for the sugar coma I’m certainly putting you in. I’m sure you’re use to it by now though.









And this, people, is the coolest cookie tin you’ll ever see. Have a better one? Prove it. Send me a photo. I’m kind of a cookie tin freak and would love to see what you’ve got.


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