Like our elf, Beetee, we’ve been busy…









Beetee began his shenanigans by rearranging our window clings and getting stuck in the paper chain Lilly made. Odin proceeded to scold him all day long, “No, no, no!”










This is how we found him the next morning. He had a snowball fight with the penguins.










The kids willingly cleaned up Beetee’s mess. Lilly asked, “Why do we have such a naughty elf?!” He’s just mischievous sweet girl. And he gets bored while you’re sleeping.








It appears he also gets hungry for chocolate chip cupcakes.









We get hungry for Christmas sugar cookies!















And goofy gingerbread faces.

Speaking of gingerbread, we decorated foam gingerbread men this week too.


















I think she’s got enough glue. What do you think?

Between crafting and baking and playing with the kiddos my days are long and tiring but delicious and fun. I love the holidays. I just hope I can keep up the enthusiasm without crashing and burning before Christmas! So why the hell am I posting this instead of sleeping…? I guess I just wanted to share our fun with ya. Speaking of fun, today we were suppose to have fun visiting Santa on the Square in Woodstock. I’m not going to go into it now because my bed is calling me and it deserves a post all to itself but I will say that sometimes I wish I had a camera crew following me to capture the hilariously tragic moments of my life. Stay tuned… more to come on this later but for now, good night!



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