Meet Beetee, the mildly effective elf.












This is Beetee. Our elf who does NOT just sit on a shelf. I’m always searching for was to manipulate Lilly’s behavior
(since she’s constantly doing the same to me) and thought this might work for a month.

Here’s the run down of the first two days:

Day One – Lilly was using a glue stick and started gluing the table for fun. I said that she shouldn’t do that and she was about to make a snotty reply when I shot at her, “And remember, Beetee is watching…” She ate her words immediately, thought for a moment and then said, “I don’t think I’m going to do that anymore.” Mommy-1, Lilly-0

Day Two – After finding Beetee’s new hiding spot in the morning she had a melt down and became very snotty about something and wouldn’t get ready for school. I tried a few other methods first but then threw out the, “Beetee is watching and he’s going to let Santa know you’re not being a very good girl.” Her response, “I don’t care if I’m a naughty girl.” Point for Lilly.

I’m about to take a new angle with this elf. Basically, forget about trying to manipulate her behavior favorably and instead stage the aftermath of late-night elf antics and just make this fun for the kids…and myself 🙂 Tonight he’s going to rearrange the window clings that are off limits to the kids. Naughty Beetee!











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