Have you been naughty or have you been nice?


Tomorrow is St. Nicholas’ Day and since I grew up with this tradition I have decided to continue it with my kiddos. We spent the day prepping new stockings for Lil, O and Dragon and writing our Christmas wish lists.








Lilly dictated her list to me and I wrote it out verbatim. She also dictated Odin’s list (doesn’t it sound a lot like hers?!) though I added some reasonable things at the end. **Yes, I spelled Penguin wrong. I’m an idiot. I’ll admit it. Stop judging me 😉








Then we hung the stockings and put the letters in it for St. Nick to take when he drops off our treats or coal to let us know if we’ve been naughty or nice thus far. Of course they’re getting treats though I seriously considered sticking some coal in Lilly’s stocking too!









Now go to bed you twerps so that St. Nick can do his job!



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  1. Is Doc really that big! I’m hoping he’s in the fore-ground of the picture. He makes Lilly and Odin look like midgets… people might start wondering if Chace is Lilly and odin’s real dad, haha 🙂

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